How One Man Rides Trends Of Computing – Andrew Fashion

Everyone knows the adage, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” What fewer people know, however, is how that invention can completely change your life.

Such is the case of Andrew Thompson. Growing up in rural Colorado, Thompson really enjoyed computers and programming. So much so, he dropped out of school to concentrate on advertising revenue on a fairly new website and platform called MySpace. Thompson created the first MySpace profile editor, MySpaceSupport.

Overnight, Thompson’s daily income jumped from $200.00 a day to $2,000.00 a day. His invention had revolutionized the most popular social media platform of the day.

Time passes. MySpace and its popularity wanes. Thompson learns of some new technology called Bitcoin. He takes an interest in the currency and quickly earns somewhere around $2.5 million off of the currency.

The innate issues of the cryptocurrency are enough to make Thompson move on yet again. He takes up a new programming language, Swift. He also joins forces with another programmer. The pair start to work on the latest new technology – apps on Apple’s newest product, the iPhone.

The app’s name – Evolve. The total amount of startup money Thompson earns for the app – 1.7 million. The incredibly huge and insanely popular Instagram star Sommer Ray is brought on board for the app, all courtesy of Thompson and his uncanny ability to sell.

Evolve does just that, evolves. Thompson, by now using his stage name Fashion, has lost interest in the app and working with others. He does what he does best – sets out on his own with a new idea.

His latest idea will once again be an invention that will change the world. The premise – bring friends together, no matter where they are in the continental U.S. – to an adventure location. Flights, hotels, and entertainment are all included in a simple, easy to pay subscription service.

It will be interesting to see what Andrew Fashion does next, but all are certainly waiting to see what he and Gypsee, the app’s namesake to the idea of traveling, will bring.