How have success as a Bookseller’s Author – with Luca Valori

Have you written a book?

Yes, I’m selling it on Amazon only.  I wanted to give as many people as possible the opportunity to understand how this fantastic business works. The book’s focus is the e-commerce, but I’m also considering to write another book about the Social Media Marketing.

How did you approach Dropshiping?

As I was often buying online, I sensed the potential of this business methodology.  I studied how to get into it without big investments and with no experience, I did many tests and failed multiple times, and I ended up finding the key to success.

What obstacles did you face?

So many! I was not as lucky as my students, I had no tips and no one that explained everything to me. Today, anyone can access high quality information and get to success. My students will never have to face the same obstacles that I faced.

How do you overcome these obstacles?

In the past I had to make many tests, I also made lots of mistakes, but today there are far fewer obstacles because people can learn from others. The most important thing is to stay focused and use time in a proper way.

Everyone wants everything right away, but it’s important to dedicate a few weeks of work to test, learn and optimize.

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