Here’s how DJ Swap India is skillfully utilising his time amidst the COVID crisis

Ever since the Coronavirus crisis was declared as a worldwide pandemic, outdoor activities were completely restricted for people’s safety measures. And with that, many from the industry, starting from the airlines to restaurants, clubs, and more, saw little to no work coming in. ent on the jobs which are now shut completely. A lot of people are trying to cope up with the situation by trying to be as productive as they can.

DJ Swap India aka Swapnil Waghmare a popular Disco Jokey from Pune who is one of the many artists who has been hit hard by the current situation. But none the less, this young performer in leaving no stone unturned to utilise the time in sharpening his skills.

DJ Swap is touted as one of the youngest and finest turntablists in India, and with that, he is currently focusing on enhancing his skills at turntabling. He says, “This lockdown may be affecting me financially but I am focusing on enhancing my skills at turntablist and trying to learn all that I can in the given time. I want my work to be recognized worldwide and for that, I am working on my single releases too”.

DJ Swap India aka Swapnil Waghmare a huge fanbase on social media and his Instagram is proof of it. Right from sharing glimpses of his practice sessions to his live shows and performances, DJ Swap keeps everyone engaged with his high on energy persona and lifestyle.