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The present Doodle, represented by Istanbul-based visitor craftsman M.K. Perker, remembers the 98th birthday celebration of famous Turkish sketch artist, craftsman, and comedian Turhan Selçuk, a commended pioneer of the contemporary Turkish funny cartoon. Employing a moderate style of line workmanship implanted with intense mind, Selçuk planned one of the nation’s first and most well known unique comic book characters, Abdülcanbaz, who is portrayed riding a bicycle in the present Doodle fine art.

Turhan Selçuk was conceived on this day in 1922 in the antiquated Turkish city of Milas. While still a secondary school understudy in 1941, he distributed a portion of his first delineations in the paper Türk Sözü (The Turkish Word) and saw proceeded with progress with his work consistently.

As the main artist for the Yeni Istanbul (New Istanbul), he sharpened his imaginative style and advocated the conviction that kid’s shows were an all inclusive mode of narrating. In 1954, he took a similar situation at Milliyet, an Istanbul-based every day national paper that three years after the fact turned into the home for Selçuk’s conclusive, postmodern comic arrangement “The Adventures of Abdülcanbaz.” Across an almost three-decade run, the precise saint Abdülcanbaz, otherwise called the “Istanbul Gentleman,” went far and wide and even through an ideal opportunity to battle treachery and help the frail.

In 1969, Selçuk helped to establish the Turkish Cartoonists Association to instruct youthful sketch artists and advance the medium around the globe. He got various honors all through his very nearly seventy-year vocation and was the main Turkish visual artist to be granted globally.

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