Today’s Doodle celebrates Lithuania Independence Restoration Day 2020


Today’s Doodle celebrates the 30th anniversary of Independence Restoration Day in Lithuania. On this day in 1990, the nation’s Parliament declared its sovereignty to be renewed after close to 50 years of Soviet Union rule. Lithuania was the first republic to call for independence from the USSR, and many other countries followed their lead in the coming years. 

The flag of Lithuania was re-established the year before independence was announced. Depicted in today’s artwork, the Baltic state’s tricolor flag represents the traditional significance of its land and people. The yellow stands for the sun, the nation’s prosperity, its and bountiful fields of wheat, the red represents the courage of those that continue to carry its ideals of liberty, and the green symbolizes the nation’s vast verdant forests and natural beauty. These national colors will also be seen today as Lithuanians worldwide dress in yellow, green, and red in the spirit of national pride.

Happy Independence Restoration Day, Lithuania!

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