Chef Faisal Ahmed Aldeleigan: A Connoisseur Of Success


Chef Faisal heard his inner voice to become a successful entrepreneur and a master chef. 

Food is one of the most essential commodities to be consumed by the people; food unites people. There is an exceptional chef hailing from Bahrain who cooks food with warmth and care to satisfy his customers; his name is Chef Faisal Ahmed Aldeleigan. Chef Faisal loved to cook since his childhood but was not aware of it as a career option. After completing his studies, Chef Faisal started working in a Bank. His passion for food had not dwindled and sometime he decided to quit his high income earning bank job to delve into the science of cooking and enrolled in multiple cooking courses in Italy and England, the home to some of the best cooking schools. Chef Faisal followed his passion and desire to become a chef and achieved great results in the cooking schools. His own personal knowledge helped him progress to another level in the world of cooking.

After rising to become a successful chef, Chef Faisal decided to start consultation agency which would cater its services to food enthusiasts and created Chef Faisal Consultancy. Thereafter, Chef Faisal’s honesty, sincerity and earnestness helped him become a member of World Master Chefs Society (WMCS). Today, his consultancy firm provides passionate advice to multiple restaurants of KSA and Bahrain, providing over 100 consultancies in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. His firm has emerged as a pioneer in counselling and training various chefs on the making of the food, providing the accurate taste and also help in the functioning of their business by suggesting the locations to open restaurants, themes and ideas to attract a strong consumer base.

Chef Faisal today admits that he indeed chose the path less travelled & didn’t know where the path would lead him; he heard his inner voice to change careers and also agrees that his true happiness lies in cooking food. He is also a chef that keeps experimenting, trying different tastes so as so to discover the perfect taste for a recipe.

He dreams to expand his business world-over so that small restaurants can sustain in the competitive market and eventually flourish. He has inspired many young chefs to follow their hearts and pour their soul into cooking the food. Chef Faisal encourages people to come to his consultancy and talk about their problems related to the food industry as he loves to listen to their stories. Chef Faisal has made a name for himself in the consultancy business by showcasing his astute decision-making ability.

Chef Faisal has garnered popularity on social media platforms as well as thousands of people have started following him on Instagram.

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