From $30,000 in Debt To Millionaire at Only 26: Hakeem White

Hakeem White’s journey is truly a mind-blowing one. Especially as he had started working from a very young age. Hakeem was born in Kingston, Jamaica and at the age tender of 8, he went through a horrible phase as his parents split.

When he had migrated to America with his father he found that the new country along with new people had intimidated him. Hardship hit him and his father as they were unable to fulfill even their basic needs. They started their life in Florida with all but 500 dollars in hand. At one point, Hakeem and his father couldn’t even afford to pay rent so they had to couch surf.

The tiniest of things mattered to him and had been forced to spend each and every penny very carefully. When Hakeem first began his schooling in 2000. His father wasn’t able to afford Hakeem’s school lunch, and as a result, he had been in the third grade when he decided to start selling candy and made himself $100 per month!

However, his business didn’t end up working out too well as his school authorities caught him and put an end to it. As life kept giving lemons, Hakeem was had tasted the bitter reality of life very early on. To further add to his struggles, he had trouble making friends and was even bullied as he was slowly being pushed to depression. 

In 2006 he joined a middle school where he faced some of the roughest years of his life. As a result, he started taking up new activities which helped him grow as a person. Hakeem was a mascot in his senior year and he discovered that he was fond of working out in the gym. A discovered that was the start of his journey to success.

Luckily that phase of not being able to connect with others had come to a dashing end and life changed a lot for him when he entered high school. He was quite happy as he was in the limelight because of his chiseled physique.

Hakeem’s first big win in life was his acceptance into the University of Florida. Following which he took up a course on nutrition and was planning on becoming a dietitian. A point at which he had turned into a fitness freak, then in 2013 he finally realized that fitness was his one true passion. 

After a year of hard work, he turned his passion into a profession. He was eager to get certified as a personal trainer. He never gave up hope although it took three trials for him to get in. Considering that Hakeem had to juggle so many activities all at once, he had faced many setbacks and failures along the way.

Especially as he wasn’t making a lot of money in the gym and found it difficult to make ends meet. A year later Hakeem started his own business. He named his business ‘Hakeem Gets You Gainz’. He started working out with clients and ended up designing online programs for them.

Working with a real passion he had felt the zeal to serve his clients with nothing less than the best! As he continually pushed his heart and soul into his business it was finally begun to blossom. 

Yet, on the other hand, his grades were falling behind as he had begun to sideline his academics. His classmates were not even ready to work with him on projects and he had gotten rejected for all the internships that he had applied to.

After his graduation he moved back home with a debt of $30,000 and found that all his hard work had gone up in smoke. A year out of college and he was struggling with his online business, as he barely made $2000 the first year.

So with no other choices on the table, Hakeem started taking up multiple odd jobs along with his business. Eventually, he was fired as he couldn’t balance his work with his business and personal life. Then he had ended up taking a loan for his business, however, his plan didn’t work out and he was on the verge of breaking down.

Then he had come across an article on iPhone’s success in the market and Apple’s marketing strategy. It was one such article that inspired him through and through. Then he started devising his own marketing strategy and started refining his business model to help amplify his online business.

In 2020 he was finally proud as he had made his first million! Today he is earning a consistent 6 figure income. Soon as his colleagues were impressed by his work he had decided to spread the mantra and started mentoring them, all the while balancing his fitness business and mentoring trainees. 

The struggles he faced as a young boy molded him into a successful entrepreneur. Hakeem is a benchmark entrepreneur who had worked his way up the ladder. Although he had been met with many obstacles along the way he had never given up, and it was those obstacles that taught him to be stronger and wiser.