Easy way to get Hollywood star face Without any surgery by hand of Dr. Amir Feily

(Everyone has a star face these days) How about you ?

In general, faces that have beautiful protrusions and all parts of the face are in a beautiful and pleasant proportion to each other, is called angled or modeling face. These types of faces are mostly seen in the faces of celebrities and actors.

To have a beautiful face, the standard fitness of the golden triangle is very important. The face golden triangle includes chin, nose and cheeks. Observing the symmetry in the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin makes a person doubly beautiful. To help symmetry and balance in the case of angulation of the jaw and face is done.

This procedure is recommended for people who do not have a symmetrical face.

Nowadays, angulation and symmetry of the face are one of the most common and popular methods for beautification without surgery and By social media advancement people and mostly women desire to look as their most beautiful possible way and the best version of themselves towards that income beauty build the way of success in their life.

On the other hand, finding an experienced person who can perform these actions correctly, naturally, on principles and also at the peak of his beauty is not an easy shot.

Dr. Amir Feily is one of the most famous and professional doctors in the field of skin and beauty, who today has become more popular all over the world due to his extraordinary results in hair transplantation and laser treatment and is also known as the godfather of scar treatment in Iran. He is a researcher at the dermatology and stem cell research center of Tehran university of medical sciences, Iran.

According to him, during the aging process, bone and soft tissue dysfunction causes a loss of structural order around the lower jaw and affects the client’s face beauty. If the patient’s goal is to look naturally young, the jawline structure should be restored as much as possible with injectable filers.

Occasionally, asymmetry is also seen naturally in some patients, which can be corrected during the injection process. In general, there are different solutions for modeling and angling the face, including gel injections (filer), Botox, thread lifts, prostheses and fat injections.

Facial angling (face modeling) causes beauty, skin rejuvenation, correction of nose angle, removal of wrinkles and shaping the chin. In face modeling, the postoperative face becomes V-shaped, as it is very popular all over the world. This practice is especially common among young men and women. In face modeling, the parts of the face that play a key role in the face beauty become more prominent to fit them better with the rest of the face. These points can be the angle of the jaw, jaw lines, cheekdermalogists which with different methods used to angle the face, these components are highlighted in proportion to each other and give a beautiful shape to the face.

In fact, face modeling is a procedure that changes the jaw so that the jaw becomes more elongated and V-shaped.

Therefore, face modeling is done by shrinking the jaw, slimming the face and highlighting the cheeks and chin. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, this operation has a therapeutic aspect too and can be used to treat people who have a problem in the jaw area during an accident or congenitally. Facial asymmetry is a common and genetic phenomenon. In addition to genetics, acquired problems and environmental factors may also interfere with facial growth plates. In fact, the asymmetry of the face is due to the blows that their faces are inflicted from childhood by accident, falling Down or etc. ; This asymmetry may even increase during a normal birth due to stretching of the baby’s jaw because the facial growth plates are more vulnerable. Usually the most common part of the face that suffers from growth disorders is the lower part of the face, especially the jaw, which suffers from asymmetry due to trauma, fractures and dental problems.

There is a tendency for beauty in all human beings, and having a better appearance increases people’s self-confidence. It is important for everyone to always look more beautiful and better. On the other hand, any defect in the face reduces people’s self-confidence. For this reason, cosmetic procedures performed on the face have always been especially popular among men and women.

If you are not satisfied with the size of your chin, or you feel that your face is asymmetrical, you can remove your facial imperfections with this

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