Helping health professionals and practice owners do more and be more – Ace entrepreneur James Neilson-Watt

Through his entrepreneurial spirit and uniqueness in business, James Neilson-Watt has positioned himself at the forefront of the healthcare business niche.

There are a few people in this world who believe in following set rules in life, while there are some others who believe in going with the flow, learning things each day as they come and applying the same at work to excel beyond boundaries and create their unique footprint. People from the latter category go ahead in honing many skills due to the many failures and challenges along their path. These individuals, however, eventually learn how to keep a firm eye on their goals, face challenges and come up with solutions that can make a profound difference in their industry. James Neilson-Watt stands as a classic example of one such entrepreneur who was driven to make it big in the healthcare space and today is making other practitioners successful as well with his training program ‘Health Business Accelerator’ and his one of a kind podcast & book.

He confesses he did not have it easy and how as a new graduate, he struggled to pay his bills. He purchased his first practice with a loan from his mother-in-law and hustled his way through, so much that in three months, he and his now wife Delsey, tripled their patient volume and hit 7-figures in revenue in just two years. James Neilson-Watt had started his career as a chiropractor and failed to flourish early in his career. He saw how the other health professionals viewed practice growth and saw numerous flaws. Hence, he decided to learn everything about growing a successful business and go his own way.

Going deeper to understand the ‘tricks of the trade’ in doing business, he scaled his practice and took it to greater heights of success in a short period as he was able to attract and convert high-quality new clients and also build his authority in the community with his incredible solutions. In just two years of graduating, he owned two practices, had generated over $1,000,000 in revenue and gained success that once seemed unimaginable to him. Today, James Neilson-Watt has immersed himself in the entrepreneurial world by teaching and guiding other health professionals and practice owners on how to learn and master online marketing in order to grow their practices faster & easier through modern-day approaches and methods for gaining new clients and building the system necessary for sustainability.

James Neilson-Watt is the same guy who, till 25 years of age, struggled with severe generalised anxiety, and today, he is a health professional who has built a multi-7-figure online business before age 30 without an ounce of anxiety insight, because as he put it “there came a time when I had to accept that I was the only person in my way”. Ask him who has inspired him to reach the level of success he enjoys today and he quickly replies, “My baby boys and my wife”. Adding further, he says that they have pushed him to be a better man, a better husband, and a better father and through this personal growth, he believes he has been able to push ahead and help his clients, the healthcare industry and become the success story he is today.

James Neilson-Watt looks unstoppable in his quest to turn underpaid practitioners into well-paid and successful business owners through his book “Healthcare Business Secrets – A Step By Step Guide to Building a Massively Successful Practice” and his podcast show ‘Healthcare Business Secrets‘ which is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, YouTube, and many other online platforms.