Beverly Hills Headquartered Company Cyber Boy Corp.’s CTO’s Diary is to be Converted into a Book

Cyber Boy Corp. is a software company that specializes in offering cybersecurity services. It was founded by Sr. Roy Andrade, a leading entrepreneur and IT professional, to safeguard data from hackers. The company is headquartered in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles County, California, USA with operations all around the world. Cyber Boy Corp. established its video game department in 2021 and already has its debut video game in production.

Sr. Roy Andrade Cyber Boy Corp’s CTO loves getting the word out about his work. No matter how busy he is he always spares a bit of time for his diehard fans and briefs them about his journey. He is working 24/7 just for the sake of a bright future for his company and employees.

The past 2 years have been tough for every business, but not for Cyber Boy Corp. The CTO regarded the time during the pandemic as “Lucrative”. The company aspires to create innovative and exciting games and the 3D chess game produced by Cyber Boy Corp under the guidance of Sr. Roy will soon be released any time soon.

From the moment the Cyber Boy Corp. started its operations till now under the leadership of a budding genius, it has secured over 500K followers on its Instagram account in a short period. Several articles have been published in popular magazines about Cyber Boy Corp and its one of a kind CTO.

Sr. Roy Andrade has decided to covert his personal diary to a hardcover book for the sake of his diehard fans. So that they can
be inspired to think and develop a similar work ethic like Sr. Roy. The diary contains information about the events that occurred throughout Sr. Roy’s life. The personal diary includes his experiences, thoughts, and feelings.

Further information about the diary will be revealed soon. People are so excited about this great news.