Best tips for have success through Social Media – with Frankie Quiroz


What encouraged you to offer your knowledge to others across your Youtube Channel and Facebook groups?

Every entrepreneur needs a mentor. When I was on the come up, it was very hard to find information or an actual blueprint on how to build a clothing brand. It’s a blessing to be where I am today and the least I can do is help people climb to the top with me. I don’t charge a dollar for the information I know and I am always an open book with struggling entrepreneurs, I understand the position they are in.

Where can we keep up to date with your life?

I’m an open book, so it feels so good not to worry about my private life so much. I post on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Everything I do as far as social is a complete circle of what I would like to see on social media myself. So I hope I’ve been inspiring others to be authentic and pursue who they want to one.

How does it feel to have a network of over 30 million followers world wide?

If you use them in the right way, you can get a message out fairly quickly. We use our social network to promote new products and also engage with our fans. It’s the fastest way of communication.

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