Why You Need to Take Part in the Lazy Bunny NFT Minting

The NFT space is slowly becoming popular, with people realizing the benefits of digital trading assets. NFT acronym stands for a non-fungible token, tokens representing a particular asset consisting of digital art and collectables. NFT is quite similar to bitcoin in that its system is rigid & secure, and you can trade tokens for profits. However, unlike other crypto coins, you cannot exchange NFTs with similar pieces, as they are all unique. 

Lazy Bunny NFT is a digital art that resembles bunnies. It is an Ethereum blockchain with ERC-721 smart contract and is reasonably priced. The Lazy Bunny NFT is 5555 in total, with only one legendary Lazy Bunny. Each trait of Lazy Bunny is hand-drawn and different in its making. 

Lazy Bunny NFT has a fast-growing community with great investors who bring massive potential to the project. There are prominent rappers and influencers onboard with the project. They value their team at Discord such that they offer significant benefits while giving them decision-making rights. Admins get involved with them all day, as they ensure absolute transparency. 50% of secondary sales go to the community wallet as the community gets the privilege of deciding what to do with it.   

They will have an exclusive project that will have immense benefits to the community. There will be plenty of Ethereum giveaways for holders to top up community wallets with 10 ETH. You need to invite three members to the Discord team, retweet, like their pinned twitter status, and send screenshots as proof via the ticket channel to get listed for the project. Just 48 hours before public minting will be the pre-sale with a quantity of 555 Lazy Bunnies at 0.045 ETH. They also have accommodating pricing of 0.055 ETH per Lazy Bunny after the pre-sale. 

When the brand showcase Lazy Bunnies after public minting, holders can check their rarities on Discord or Opensea properties of their Lazy Bunny. Once you buy them, you have commercial rights over them. The maxima you can purchase in a single transaction are 5 and 15 maximum per Ethereum wallet.

After the minting, where 10% of Lazy Bunnies will sell out, reinvesting funds pre-sale into marketing to create hype for public mint, listing rarity tools, and numerous giveaways will take place. After the sale of 25%, they will ramp up marketing efforts among other giveaways. At 50%, there will be the creation of a community wallet, as they top it up with 5 ETH. 

When 75% is gone, they will invest 5 ETH to purchasing Lazy Bunnies from Opensea as they gift 10 of them to lucky winners. After the sale, the team will create a private discord channel for holders, a weekly $1,000 giveaway for one year, among other giveaways. They will also receive 1 NFT each in the next project.

This project has immense value to anyone willing to hold the Lazy Bunnies. Other than the exceptional benefits you receive from the platform, you could sell the NFTs for profits at a future date. The team at Lazy Bunny NFT is yet to announce the date of the pre-sale and minting. You ought to check out and participate in it.