Waheed Al Marzooqi – The Cyber security professional whose technical expertise is highly recognized in the UAE

Today’s digital world needs the support of online security experts to prevent any data theft or breach and one man who top businesses turn up to for all their online data security needs is Waheed Al Marzooqi.

Cyber security or information technology security has gained high importance in today’s times as there has to be a shield to protect network, programs and data from any kind of attack or access. The need for security is very important for business houses as well as government agencies who collect and store humongous amounts of data on their computers and servers which can be of highly sensitive nature. Any kind of data breach can lead to have dire consequences. Agencies like military who have confidential data cannot afford to have any such kind of unauthorised access on their data which can even pose a threat to national security. Professionals who offer their expertise in providing this shield are in high demand and Waheed Al Marzooqi is one such expert who is trusted by top business houses and government agencies providing the most robust cyber security services in the UAE.

Thirty one year old Waheed Al Marzooqi is based out of UAE, being one of the most talented technical experts the country has ever had. He has served the nation since 2006 with his commendable mastery on this craft. He is the CEO of a renowned technical company and has served cases of data extortion and theft, most of them coming out of the UAE. His excellent track record has made him one of the best known professionals in this field with many famous and prominent personalities and artists relying on him for all their data security needs. Till date he has attended to more than one hundred cases.

Apart from offering his professional technical services he is also credited of writing a number of newspaper articles and has also appeared on TV shows getting interviewed for the work he has done. Marzooqi has been awarded with many certificates and trophies for his colossal contribution in the world of cyber security. In a bid to give it back to the society he also conducts free technical services for the needy.