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Helios Groups is a Hong Kong based firm, with diverse business interests and investments in emerging markets such as Forex & Commodities Trading, FDI, SBLC, Insurance, etc. Since its establishment in 2011, the firm has made significant investments in various sectors including alternate energy and IT.

The company has over 250+ successful projects and aims for even more in the upcoming years. With over 19.45 Billion USD invested in the market till 2020 the company expects a massive growth of around 40% for the year 2021. The company aims to open its new channel of communications between the Global market and its customers and is also focusing on establishing various networks and branches all around the world.

The company primarily functions like a venture capitalist firm rather than a wealth management firm and has funded a variety of start-ups globally. Helios is well known for its innovative interests and staying on-trend approach and in doing so the company has been working on an emerging blockchain network which is soon to be launched as the PNP coin, a regulated form of cryptocurrency that is soon to hit the market. The firm has structured and predicted the value of its new crypto to double its value within a year and already gained potential investors and craze among crypto markets.

The company stands atop in terms of future innovations and strategies and hence structured this blockchain keeping all considerations and issues in mind. The regulated crypto would serve as a viable replacement for existing non-regulated cryptos and hence it proves that it is structured for the long haul. The company has also started its initial marketing scheme and there seems to be a good market already and attracted a wide range of audience and potential buyers. The company has also planned its ICO around the end of April and offers only a limited number for an individual and hence make sure you stack as much as possible and set your future straight.