Types of Elevator Shoes


Now that you have decided to buy an elevator shoe, what is next is to decide the type you want. Note that there are different types or styles of elevator shoes, so, rest assured you’ll get an elevator shoe to wear to any event. However, we identified that you might not know the types available. So, check out the various types of elevator shoes for men and their uses below.

Formal Elevator Shoes

Formal elevator shoes are specially designed for men that dress ‘corporately’ or ‘formally’ to work. Besides, it is also for men that have ‘high end’ events to attend. Other places you can wear this type of elevator shoes include; weddings, charity events, and business meetings. Moreover, these formal elevator shoes can come in the form of brogues, oxford, derby shoes, monk strap and square toes. In light of this, regardless of your preference; you will surely get a formal elevator shoe of your choice for that special event.

Elevator Sneakers

It is a well-known fact that taller people have an advantage over shorter people when it comes to sport. For example, taller basketballers tend to score more points, make more recoveries and block more shots than shorter basketballers. So, if you want extra edge over your opposition, you can try on elevator sneakers. Besides, you can use these sneakers for running, jogging and hiking. Again, they are also excellent fashion choices. Finally, they come in high tops. Low cuts and mid cuts.

Elevator Boots

Elevator boots remain the most common type of height increasing shoes. One thing we love about elevator boots is that it is hard to notice its extra high soles. The reason for this is because the boots are mostly big. Again, you can choose to wear boots on hiking expeditions or just for a day in the park. Not only that, you can wear the elevator boot to work, or just for urban/street fashion. Also, elevator boots are suitable for any season. You can wear them in winter when you are cold or in the summer when you want to ‘turn up’.

Casual Elevator Shoes

If you want something simple, yet classy to wear, then you should look no further than casual elevator shoes. These shoes can be worn to picnics, football games and even for business meetings. You can also decide to wear them to churches, backyard barbeque place and many other places. Furthermore, it suits different weather conditions perfectly.


Loafers remain one of our best choices when it comes to elevator shoes. The reason for this is; it is easy to wear and take off too. Besides, these types of shoes make you more relaxed at parties or events. Finally, loafers are lightweight and you might almost not feel them on your feet.

elevator shoes for men


After completing this article on the types of elevator shoes, we hope you enjoyed reading them as much as we enjoyed writing it. Remember; regardless of the occasion, you will always find an elevator shoe for yourself.

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