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There is only one way to continue developing on a worldwide scale, and that is through innovation. TripleOne, created by the distinguished entrepreneur James William Awad, is a revolutionary company in the sense that it is fully decentralized. What that means is TripleOne allows for ample opportunity for people of all societal classes, regardless of their age, gender, and location. What success is measured with at TripleOne are accomplishments, hard work, and passion.

At TripleOne, users vote together on which businesses to support and pursue. Ventures range from real estate to health clubs, online investments, and more. There’s never a dull moment at the business. The world is shifting to an online digital space and TripleOne is ahead of its time. Those who work as part of the business don’t ever have to go to an office. They can be wherever in the world they like, be it a beach in Thailand, a cabin in British Columbia, or the islands of Indonesia. The company offers extreme flexibility and those who use it wisely become very successful in short periods of time.

The way that the structure works is by accumulating points. The more somebody works on TripleOne projects, the more votes they get to cast. There are “normal” and “power” votes. At the start of each month, every user receives their normal votes that they can cast however they see fit. Power votes, on the other hand, carry more power, especially in long-term decisions.

Your points give you segments that are generated each month at a static rate. In which, these segments stay in your account forever. These segments also give you money every month without the need to put in time or work anymore. You get segments based on how many points you’ve accumulated and how many points other users have accumulated.

There is no traditional hierarchy at TripleOne. Somebody can be extremely successful without having to climb the imaginary ladder that most other businesses in the world have established. This is why TripleOne is an excellent choice for entrepreneurial types who don’t like to be constricted by limits and old dogmas.

TripleOne is making a real difference in the world by supporting bright ideas and startup entrepreneurs, and giving a shot to business plans that demonstrate a high degree of potential. The work atmosphere at the company is very different from anything that could ever be witnessed in an office. Here, everyone is extremely motivated. There is no need for HR managers to push people forward because they aren’t employees. Those who show up to work on projects at TripleOne are extremely self-sufficient and need no hand-holding. The company attracts people from all across the globe, as timezones are never an issue because there is work to be done around the clock.

Pay at TripleOne is determined by points. The more work somebody puts in, the larger profit they get out at the end of the month. The opportunities for wealth-creation are endless and don’t require board meetings, performance reviews, or any of the traditional components that nine-to-five workplaces are known for.

Undoubtedly, TripleOne is paving the road toward the future of business, investment, and flexibility of work. Many bright minds are flocking to the company looking to create a better future for themselves and enact a real change in the world as they do so. The company is poised for stellar growth in 2020 and beyond.

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