The concept of entrepreneurial spirit from the perspective of Alireza Naghizadeh, a successful and famous Iranian entrepreneur

What is the entrepreneurial spirit?

The world’s top entrepreneurs share common personalities and personality traits. Most of the success of these entrepreneurs is due to their personality traits. By creating this spirit and personality traits in oneself, anyone can become a successful person in business. In the following, we will examine some of the most important personality traits of successful entrepreneurs.

They do not accept no

Successful entrepreneurs are sensitive to words like no and can’t. They are very determined to achieve their goals and they will do their best in this way.

They learn from the best

Successful entrepreneurs are always trying to learn from the best people in their field. They are always thirsty for learning and success. Learning is an integral part of their lives.

They do what they owe at a great level

It does not matter if the task of these people is small or large, they do it as if it is the most important thing in the world.

Always be ambitious and fly high

Entrepreneurs are always ambitious and seek to conquer more important peaks. This alone gives them enough motivation to cross obstacles.

They get feedback from others about their work

They ask others for advice on where they can improve their work. They are very critical and enlightened.

Others are inspired by them

Other people are overwhelmed by their passion and motivation and set an example for them.

They have an amazing decision-making speed

They make decisions quickly and act quickly. The distance between what they learn and what they do is very short.

They do not give up until they reach a conclusion

If they fail thousands of times, they will continue to find the right path. Following is one of their salient features!

They believe in their inner voice

They rely on their heart’s voice when making difficult decisions and make decisions based on them. They believe that the voice within them is never wrong.

They hardly give up

It is almost impossible to disappoint an entrepreneur and give up. They have a deep belief in themselves and their abilities.

They are interested in making a difference

They welcome change. They believe that change equals opportunity, and the greater the change, the greater the opportunity.

They are very creative

They solve problems creatively and at the lowest cost.

They are interested in working for themselves and do not want to be employees at all

They are usually fired from their jobs because of this feature.

They have a high responsibility

Top entrepreneurs only blame themselves for their failures, and no one else, nor any other factor such as the state of the economy or government. They have high mental maturity.

They are risk-taking

They are people of calculated risks. In no case will they take heavy and incalculable risks and books.

They have personal discipline

Personal discipline is exactly the most important characteristic of an entrepreneur. With this one feature you can succeed.