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Tesla is beginning to deliver the main video of the Model Y’s third column, however it doesn’t show somebody sitting in the secondary lounge.

Tesla Model Y seven-seat third-line option

A week ago, we provided details regarding Tesla opening requests for the Model Y Standard Range RWD and seven-seat third-column alternative.

Tesla had guaranteed a seven-seat variant of the Model Y since the dispatch back in March 2019.

It astonished numerous that a third line would fit in the little SUV, however Tesla said it was practical.

The Model Y went into creation in mid 2020, yet the automaker zeroed in on different adaptations of the electric SUV.

Presently, Tesla is beginning creation of the new Model Y seven-seater choice, which costs $3,000, and the automaker recorded a couple of the highlights that accompany the new inside:

  • Third-column seating for two
  • Simple passage into third line
  • Third-column USB-C charging
  • Sliding second line with customizable seatbacks
  • Crease level second and third lines for most extreme load stockpiling
  • Electronic crease level deliveries in trunk

We got a couple of looks at the Model Y’s third column in models previously, yet that was from longer than a year prior, and Tesla hadn’t divulged new pictures up to this point.

The automaker delivered a couple of pictures a week ago, yet we presently get a full video.

Video of the Tesla Model Y’s third row

With the couple of pictures that Tesla delivered, we could tell that the automaker has refreshed the plan of the third line since the dispatch back in 2019.

Presently with another video, we get our best gander at the new seven-seat alternative for the top of the line electric SUV.

Tesla hasn’t presented the video on its authority channels yet, however some are announcing that Tesla agents are offering the video to forthcoming purchasers of the alternative

It has all the earmarks of being an authority Tesla video for the automaker’s help page for the Model Y once the new form begins transporting.

While the video gives us the best gander at the Model Y’s third column yet, Tesla didn’t show anybody sitting in the third line as they accomplished for the subsequent line.

This comes the same number of fans have brought up that it appears to be outstandingly little in the back – making Tesla’s unique case that it could fit “7 grown-ups” hard to accept.

Initially, Tesla’s site recorded that the seven-seat choice would fit “7 grown-ups,” however the automaker has now refreshed its site to state “7 individuals.”

That is most likely more exact since the third line is unquestionably more fitting for kids — making it an incredible alternative for families with kids.

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