Taking the Coaching Space to Another Level is Ash Straughn, A Rising Entrepreneur in America.

“If it weren’t for my desire to create massive impact, I wouldn’t have risen to where I am today,” says the ace business coach and entrepreneur.

We may wonder about many things when we hear and see the success stories around us. We also wonder what could be the things that may have helped these individuals to make it huge in their chosen industries. However, a careful glance would let us know that persistence and being driven by what the heart seeks has helped people stay on track and up their game in their endeavors. Ash Straughn, aka Kash’s life journey, has been one amongst these, and today her name is imprinted amongst the top-notch entrepreneurs of America.

• A first-generation American and a thriving entrepreneur: Ash Straughn is a high-performing professional in the business world of the US. The skills she has learned in life can also be credited to her two immigrant parents, who ingrained in her strong values, virtues, principles, and the significance of working hard. Starting her journey as a teenager, purchasing and reselling through eBay led to a career of scaling many other businesses that attained millions of dollars in revenue.

 • From being ordinary to becoming extraordinary: Ash Straughn’s journey in the entrepreneurial world proved what it takes to turn oneself from being ordinary to becoming extraordinary. She is the head honcho of her business named The Kash Code, Inc, and has taken coaching to another level with her leadership training and Mastermind curriculum. Ash Straughn has helped small businesses on launching and making sales in less than 15 days.

 • Managing many hats: Ash Straughn has jumped deeper into entrepreneurship by founding Travel Funds Kids, an organization that funds children through travel and brings continuous funding to schools, benefiting children across the globe. Kash is a high-performing business operations coach and has turned into a sought-after social media creator as well. Her content on Instagram and channel on YouTube is also through her brand’s name, The Kash Code. Not just that, Kash is also a two-time #1 best-selling author.

Ash Straughn has become a phenomenal business coach today, for whom the goal is to create as many success stories as possible, becoming a leader in her own right. To find out more, do visit the website https://www.thekashcode.com/.