Rajdeep Singh Rawat: An talented music artist on the grids of the music industry

Rajdeep Singh Rawat aka DJ RIB has been spearheading into the music industry with his immaculate passion and tenacity.

There has been many examples of young, spirited individuals rocking and ruling different industries with their talent and passion. With the emergence of social media sector and new cutting-edge technologies, even the music industry has become the new hub and house for many such young spirited and passionate individuals who have not disappointed the masses at all and captivated millions with their talent. We came across one such professional from the music realm, Rajdeep Singh Rawat aka DJ RIB making his entry into the hearts of audiences and listeners all across the world with his stunning talent and mesmerizing voice.

Hailing from the pink city Jaipur, Rajasthan, Rajdeep Singh Rawat aka DJ RIB was drawn towards the art and craft of music making since childhood. In coming years, his hobby and liking for singing and composing turned into an passion and he converted his passion into his musical career and profession. Hustling hard and learning the tips and tricks of the music making, Rajdeep Singh Rawat aka DJ RIB honed his musical skills and expertise. In no time, he mastered all of his musical aspects and emerged as one of the best music artists in India. His popularity among masses have doubled in last couple of years and made him one of the most seek and sought-after DJ’s in the country. Striking the right chord in the hearts of the audiences has enabled him to garner more love, fame and recognition and develop and loyal fan base of followers.

With many different music genres now picking up momentum among listeners, DJ RIB wants to create more unique sounds and deliver and amazing listening experiences to his followers and audiences. We are certain that he will rock the music world going ahead as well.


Here’s how Mandys grew from being a novice to creating a niche for himself as a musician

The flourishing rapper is this modern music industry is Mandys, who is taking it to a new level. Being a newcomer in this ruthless industry he is capable of setting his foot hard enough through his hard work and sheer determination. His works have received quite a great response from the public. He has thus been successful in establishing his space as a newcomer in the music industry.

Mandys was born on 23rd October 1998 in Gurgaon. He did his schooling at Chiranjiv Bharati school, Gurgaon and then completed his Graduation from Amity university, Haryana. Since childhood, he grew up singing and performing. He has always had a keen interest in music so he eventually decided to pursue music as his career. 

Mandys is an innovative lyricist and a singer and he is someone who is always being motivated by his dreams and his family. The timeline of music is unpredictable and being attached to that and fulfilling the needs of a newcomer requires having a unique taste in music in order to make his creation count.  Mandys debuted with “Achi Achi Lage” in 2020 and the track became an instant hit. It has gained over 867k views on the official music video on YouTube. Mandys recently collaborated with popular singer, Gurlez Akhtar and released his recent track “Bangle” starring Sarah Khatri. The song went viral and was an instant hit. It has crossed over 1.3 million views on their official music video on YouTube. 

Mandys has gained a good amount of recognition through social media wherein he got a substantial follower of over 9k followers. He is currently ambitious to release his upcoming Album and he aims to hit the top charts in the coming time. Thus, through immense hard work and determination to make himself and his songs popular, Mandys has finally been able to create a niche for himself. 

Mandys has just stepped into the music industry, yet in this short span of time, has already collaborated with the top artists of India. He has made it very clear that he is not going to stop anytime soon and has the aim to hit the top charts. To know more about the rising musical genius and to get a glimpse of the star’s life behind the stage, follow him on the links of his social media handles given below:



Make sure to check out his latest song “Bangle” on YouTube as well:



Aman Bhadouria: Swiftly taking the music and modelling industry by storm

Aman Bhadouria is the mind and soul behind many successful initiatives, etching his name in gold in the modelling and music realms.
The youth and the technology advances are the two pillars of 21st century. Whether it is entrepreneurship, business, or any creative and artistic work. The incredible combination of young working skills and technological efforts amaze everyone and has set a benchmark for others. Meet one such young talent, who has thrilled the world of modelling and music with his unique, creative and positive charisma – Aman Bhadouria. He is a passionate creative artist – a successful digital entrepreneur, fashion influencer, model and music producer.
At a young age he determined his passion and work amazingly hard to pursue his dreams into reality and started his journey as a model and fashion influencer for which he has done numerous successful events, ramp walks and stage performances. His dazzling personality and working skills has influenced massive people. His multi-talented mind also encouraged him to enter the world of music. His love for music made him a music producer and coming-up with numerous tracks, as always, he will definitely win the heart of the audiences and music industry people with his artistic skill. Today Aman is a renowned personality of music and modelling world. This true-blue professional launched his own fashion magazine named – “TheUnstoppableMagazine” and his exploring his presence across the globe through his unique fashion sense.
Just at the age of 20 he has already achieved astonishing success and popularity across the world through his talent. He sets a true example in front of every young generation, well at the age of 20 where others try to recognize their future field, Aman became an established music producer and successful model. His hard work, passion, determination and consistency has made him the man of success. Coming from Agra, Uttar Pradesh, he is also a successful digital entrepreneur as he has gained his education in Business Administration. His artistic skills and art of implementation has helped him to build his proficient personality. Right from digital entrepreneur, fashion influencer, modelling and music producer he has explored himself incredibly in each field.
Though many more successful tracks are on the way to entertain to audience, Aman is bound for more success in near future as well. For more details do follow him on Instagram @amanbhadouriaa or visit the website,


Unwavering vision and potential have led Vishal Jain, a dynamic influencer reach massive heights of success in the music industry

Vishal has mastered the path to becoming a highly sought-after Influencer and is on a mission to conquer the music industry.

The music industry has always had to adapt to new forms of media and technology in order to survive and thrive. This has been especially evident in recent decades, as the rapid rise of piracy, iTunes, and streaming has completely transformed the industry, transforming not only the type of music that artists create, but also how consumers interact with it. Millennial and Generation Z young people today, who have always had to work the hardest to prove and promote themselves in any digitally driven field, have been able to make genuine change and real money that even record company executives have tried to study and replicate. Music is one of the few industries that allows people to start careers at a young age. There has recently been a rise in the number of young performers making their impact in the world of music. Vishal Jain, a powerful Dubai-based music producer, is one of them.

Talking about his career, he’s not just a dynamic music producer but also a freelance model and famous social media influencer and being a social media influencer requires passion and creativity, but it’s also necessary to know how to build a long-term relationship with your audience. Vishal has taken advantage of social media, amassing 2.2 million Instagram followers and a sizable Facebook following. “One must always be truthful and authentic to their audience. Knowing what kind of content the audience expects is the greatest method to be a social media influencer. My success philosophy has always been to be unique rather than to imitate others. Nobody can stop it from wreaking havoc on the internet if you create something unique on your own and if the information reaches the public in the right way,” says Vishal.

Vishal’s qualities and abilities have helped him flourish as a great musician in the industry, whether it’s because of his optimistic outlook or his desire to become a star in the industry.

To know more about Vishal, make sure to follow him on Instagram:


Interview with Los Angeles’ very own rapper, DeVon True

Seeking after your passion for music is difficult and can take up a great deal of your work. The elements of the present music have effectively opened the entryways for many such artists to develop their fan base a millionfold early. To gain insights into what it’s like to build a career as a singer we had a conversation with DeVon True.

Hailing from Los Angeles, DeVon True grew up around a musically inclined father and brother that were both inspired to hit it big in the music industry. His personal history certainly contributes to the way he presents his craft which is so well received amongst his fans. With only a scanty of songs out there under DeVon’ name he has gathered more than 40K monthly listeners to Spotify and various other music streaming platforms.

Most musicians self-sabotage their own music careers by living in a constant state of fear. It’s a tough industry, it does take time and work to get your name out there and build momentum.

“Don’t think someone is coming to save you! You have to save you. Apply pressure and have fun doing it,” he says.

He also gave emphasis on the fact on making quality music. Being a vocalist quality time spent on singing is really important. One must improvise with different techniques.”Be original. Be yourself and if that isn’t original that sucks, you must find yourself in the process.”

Rome wasn’t built in a day and great things do take time. There’s a difference between making music as a hobby and making music as a profession. You have to hone your craft inorder to be nothing but the best. All you need is hardwork and hardwork, “To do it yourself. simple,” DeVon added.


SAYF, a rising musician in Dubai, gives tips to make music more original

From writing poetry to becoming an ace musician with hit singles, SAYF has come a long way.

Making a career in the music industry, be it with songwriting, composing or singing, is a long road. Only a few get to experience their big payoff moments. However, what’s interesting to know here is that still, youngsters from across the world enter the music space with their strong resolve to hit the right chords of their listener’s hearts and create their special place in the industry. With so many singers and musicians, the music market always thrives on hit numbers and tracks. However, many others can still go ahead in creating success in this saturated industry by focusing more on creating original tracks and offering uniqueness to listeners and music lovers by experimenting with different genres and challenging themselves as artists. SAYF is one of these young musical talents based in Dubai, committed to creating music that always offers something new and refreshing.

SAYF below gives some of his tips to other aspiring musicians to make more original music.

  • Discover your USP: To make one’s unique standing in the music industry, one must discover his USP and work around it more. After knowing what unique they have in them, they can further hone their skills, expand their knowledge in music, learn new things and keep creating success by working around their USP. A person can get into any genre of music, irrespective of the competition and still stand apart if he consistently works towards creating uniqueness in music.
  • Think beyond the usual: SAYF says that generally up and coming musical talents fall in the trap of following the trends. Though creating music that can fit the current trend is great, one still needs to think beyond the usual to make their music more original and not get lost among the works of other musicians.
  • Create it straight from the heart: Many musicians with their astute knowledge of the industry work around many technical things while creating music, focusing only on how well it will get received from the audiences or the views or streams it will gain. However, SAYF says that music that is created straight from the heart will never have to depend on these factors and will pave its way directly to the listener’s hearts, ultimately making it successful for its originality and honesty.

As a kid, SAYF always loved poetry and took inspiration from Eminem and 2PAC. He developed his poetry and rap writing skills over the years. His style of music is also influenced majorly by The Weeknd and Tory Lanez, and now the young musician looks unstoppable in his quest to create magic with music. Connect with him through Instagram @sayf.v. to know more.


Upcoming Hip-Hop Artist SAVII BANDS Making a Way In The Music Industry

Savii Bands is an artist born in Dunedin FL and grew up in the Tampa Bay Area most of his life. He started making music at the age of 13 with the inspiration of his brother and celebrities he was in favor of.

A very versatile artist savii is, he’s got 8 songs on all platforms titled “This Summer” which is produced by 1Mackboy in which he worked alongside the superstars Migos, Young Scooter, Rich Homie Quan. “YN ( Goin In )” talks about his struggle in his past life and how he got out of that situation to live a better life which was produced by Ace Banks.

Followed by “YN ( Goin in ); “HASTA LA VISTA” Which was released at the end of 2019 was followed by a music video that reached 6k views in the first month it was premiered. Jan.23rd Savii then released his hit single titled Class In Session which was also prod. by 1Mackboy—that hit the streets.

At the age of 23, he found more opportunities to link with local artists and managed to get shows in the Tampa Bay Area. Savii mentioned he wanted to work with a few artists in the industry —— Rich Homie Quan, Da Baby, Stunna4Vegas, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, DigDat. All by the end of the year, he is looking to accomplish. He is on the rise to be the artist no one can be.

Instagram: saviibands