Here’s how Mandys grew from being a novice to creating a niche for himself as a musician

The flourishing rapper is this modern music industry is Mandys, who is taking it to a new level. Being a newcomer in this ruthless industry he is capable of setting his foot hard enough through his hard work and sheer determination. His works have received quite a great response from the public. He has thus been successful in establishing his space as a newcomer in the music industry.

Mandys was born on 23rd October 1998 in Gurgaon. He did his schooling at Chiranjiv Bharati school, Gurgaon and then completed his Graduation from Amity university, Haryana. Since childhood, he grew up singing and performing. He has always had a keen interest in music so he eventually decided to pursue music as his career. 

Mandys is an innovative lyricist and a singer and he is someone who is always being motivated by his dreams and his family. The timeline of music is unpredictable and being attached to that and fulfilling the needs of a newcomer requires having a unique taste in music in order to make his creation count.  Mandys debuted with “Achi Achi Lage” in 2020 and the track became an instant hit. It has gained over 867k views on the official music video on YouTube. Mandys recently collaborated with popular singer, Gurlez Akhtar and released his recent track “Bangle” starring Sarah Khatri. The song went viral and was an instant hit. It has crossed over 1.3 million views on their official music video on YouTube. 

Mandys has gained a good amount of recognition through social media wherein he got a substantial follower of over 9k followers. He is currently ambitious to release his upcoming Album and he aims to hit the top charts in the coming time. Thus, through immense hard work and determination to make himself and his songs popular, Mandys has finally been able to create a niche for himself. 

Mandys has just stepped into the music industry, yet in this short span of time, has already collaborated with the top artists of India. He has made it very clear that he is not going to stop anytime soon and has the aim to hit the top charts. To know more about the rising musical genius and to get a glimpse of the star’s life behind the stage, follow him on the links of his social media handles given below:



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