SAYF, a rising musician in Dubai, gives tips to make music more original

From writing poetry to becoming an ace musician with hit singles, SAYF has come a long way.

Making a career in the music industry, be it with songwriting, composing or singing, is a long road. Only a few get to experience their big payoff moments. However, what’s interesting to know here is that still, youngsters from across the world enter the music space with their strong resolve to hit the right chords of their listener’s hearts and create their special place in the industry. With so many singers and musicians, the music market always thrives on hit numbers and tracks. However, many others can still go ahead in creating success in this saturated industry by focusing more on creating original tracks and offering uniqueness to listeners and music lovers by experimenting with different genres and challenging themselves as artists. SAYF is one of these young musical talents based in Dubai, committed to creating music that always offers something new and refreshing.

SAYF below gives some of his tips to other aspiring musicians to make more original music.

  • Discover your USP: To make one’s unique standing in the music industry, one must discover his USP and work around it more. After knowing what unique they have in them, they can further hone their skills, expand their knowledge in music, learn new things and keep creating success by working around their USP. A person can get into any genre of music, irrespective of the competition and still stand apart if he consistently works towards creating uniqueness in music.
  • Think beyond the usual: SAYF says that generally up and coming musical talents fall in the trap of following the trends. Though creating music that can fit the current trend is great, one still needs to think beyond the usual to make their music more original and not get lost among the works of other musicians.
  • Create it straight from the heart: Many musicians with their astute knowledge of the industry work around many technical things while creating music, focusing only on how well it will get received from the audiences or the views or streams it will gain. However, SAYF says that music that is created straight from the heart will never have to depend on these factors and will pave its way directly to the listener’s hearts, ultimately making it successful for its originality and honesty.

As a kid, SAYF always loved poetry and took inspiration from Eminem and 2PAC. He developed his poetry and rap writing skills over the years. His style of music is also influenced majorly by The Weeknd and Tory Lanez, and now the young musician looks unstoppable in his quest to create magic with music. Connect with him through Instagram @sayf.v. to know more.