Interview with Los Angeles’ very own rapper, DeVon True

Seeking after your passion for music is difficult and can take up a great deal of your work. The elements of the present music have effectively opened the entryways for many such artists to develop their fan base a millionfold early. To gain insights into what it’s like to build a career as a singer we had a conversation with DeVon True.

Hailing from Los Angeles, DeVon True grew up around a musically inclined father and brother that were both inspired to hit it big in the music industry. His personal history certainly contributes to the way he presents his craft which is so well received amongst his fans. With only a scanty of songs out there under DeVon’ name he has gathered more than 40K monthly listeners to Spotify and various other music streaming platforms.

Most musicians self-sabotage their own music careers by living in a constant state of fear. It’s a tough industry, it does take time and work to get your name out there and build momentum.

“Don’t think someone is coming to save you! You have to save you. Apply pressure and have fun doing it,” he says.

He also gave emphasis on the fact on making quality music. Being a vocalist quality time spent on singing is really important. One must improvise with different techniques.”Be original. Be yourself and if that isn’t original that sucks, you must find yourself in the process.”

Rome wasn’t built in a day and great things do take time. There’s a difference between making music as a hobby and making music as a profession. You have to hone your craft inorder to be nothing but the best. All you need is hardwork and hardwork, “To do it yourself. simple,” DeVon added.