What Drives Founder Mercia Cailloux to Keep Working Hard Each Day

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

When teaching my first child to eat with cutlery, I noticed how difficult it was for a child to hold it correctly. Cutlery isn’t designed to fit in our hands; instead, we force ourselves to learn the right position and with much repetition, it becomes second nature. But why not have cutlery that works with us instead of against us?

I decided to develop ergonomic cutlery that would better accommodate our hands. I knew that the right utensil needed marks to clearly define where the hands and fingers should touch, optimal weight distribution to ensure it doesn’t fall against the hand or table, and high-quality materials that could stand the test of time.

When I started, I forged the cutlery by hand in silver, meaning it was limited in availability. Now, M Cailloux Cutlery is made from accessible high-quality stainless steel, giving everyone the chance to modernize their table and optimize their eating process.

What drives you to keep working hard each day?

In an increasingly interconnected world, it’s amazing to discover clients from all corners of the planet with their own needs and areas of interest. I’m always thrilled to explore the development of new products and classes, knowing that by developing my business in new areas, I’ll be able to help even more people.

If you could start over, what would you do differently?

I would hire people to help me sooner instead of trying to do everything myself. It was easy to get excited about my work and try to tackle everything on my own, but I didn’t have to do it that way. Asking for help could’ve taken so much stress off of my shoulders.

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