Bold, Fearless and Relatable: Welcome to Tamara ‘Tigerlily’ Hill’s World

The fashion world can be a brutal place. But when you’re as bold, fearless and relatable as Tigerlily Hill, there is really nothing to fear. Her life and achievements as a fashion designer and stylist are powerful reminders that it pays to take a leap of faith and to follow your passion.

Is it possible to design an ensemble that fits the red carpet and the casual or ordinary setting at the same time? Many in the industry will readily respond with a resounding no. Not one to shy away from a challenge ( as her foray into fashion competition shows) Hill set out to create sophisticated and playful designs that work well with glamorous settings but also serve the purposes of non celebrities.  

Bold and Fearless In Competition

Miss Hill is not afraid of challenges. She boldly took on seven other talented stylists as part of the VH1 reality fashion show Glam Goddess. For this show Miss Hill had to compete with other stylists as they all crafted and created fashionable attire for their clients. And of course her boldness and fearlessness paid off. She performed impressively winning several of the show’s challenges and scoring high in many others. As a result she was named as one of the top two stylists by the end of the competition.

Bold and Fearless Creativity

Bouyed up by the success of this challenge and the global fame and recognition it had brought her, Hill moved on to another challenge- the creation of her own fashion line. This resulted in the creation of the now world famous Crown Atelier line.  And in true Tigerlily Hill style, the line has gone on to dominate the fashion world. Crown Atelier is found in the closets of every discerning fashion buff and numerous A-listers.  The line finds its way into the hands of the most fashion conscious people around the world through multiple means, including Hill’s own ecommerce platform, stores like Georgetown’s Aruba Boutique and Hill’s fashion stores.

Hill’s penchant for exceeding expectations and dispelling myths shine through in her creations and are evident in the multi-genre applications of her pieces.  Crown Atelier pieces stand out for being applicable to celebrities and regular people alike.  Only a professional challenge taker like Miss Hill could pull off such a feat, with such magnificence too!

A Bold and Fearless Entrepreneur

The next challenge for Miss Hill was to boost her performance in the fashion industry by infusing her corporate expertise. And she had an impressive amount of this expertise! Not only had she completed a first degree in Business Administration with a focus on finance, but she had also completed a course in apparel manufacturing. Additionally, she had hands on experience in the corporate world having served as section manager with responsibility for supervision and administration at Marks and Spencer from 2000-2002.

Hill’s mastery of the fashion world has earned her accolades from all quarters. In 2012 she took home the inaugural Emerging Designer Award at Caribbean Fashion week and in 2016 she the recipient of The Cayman National Cultural Foundation’s Star for Creativity in the Arts. Powerful fashion magazines such as Essence have identified her as one to watch when it comes to fashion greatness and numerous celebrities and regular folk sing her praises after donning her ensembles and enjoying the stares of adoration they attract.

Undoubtedly being bold and thinking outside the box has earned Tigerlily Hill the love and adoration of millions of people around the world. She is without a doubt a powerful trendsetter in the world of fashion.


12 Celebrities who rocked camouflage print! (and got away with it)

The age-irrelevant pattern is back in trend.

Camouflage print never officially goes out of style — like stripes, plaid, and leopard, “camo” is practically the new “neutral” and with us forever — but this fall, the print is hotter than ever. The famed print is back. Or did it ever leave?

Camouflage seems to be popping up in unexpected ways and worn by trendsetting celebrities far and wide, including Jay Z, Akshay Kumar, Kim Kardashian, Kanye, Nikki Lund, Zendaya, and Khloé Kardashian. 

The TV personality and brand ambassador Sean Borg recently caused a stir online when he was photographed wearing camo print cargo pants while walking his dogs. Fans on social media criticized him, by saying, at 52, his style should be “age-appropriate” — suggesting he dressed more like a teenager.

Is there even a cut-off age for camo? 

The pattern can appear anywhere, whether it’s on a casual shopping trip or a red carpet event. Camo print even appeared on some spring runways, designers including Marc Jacobs and Nikki Lund (featured oversized camouflage jackets and leggings). And Lutz Huelle (presenting his boots and bombers) sent the army print down the catwalk, proving camouflage is trending strong, and probably with us well into next year.

2020 will be all about making age-irrelevant fashion statements, and that’s one thing we’ve noticed about people who dare to wear camouflage cargo pants. 

Fashionistas are reaching for eye-grabbing pieces such as loose-fit camouflage joggers, hoodies, T’s, making them the focus of their trendsetting look.

The timeless camouflage pattern has never lost its way in the fashion world, and if you’re looking for ways to keep it fresh, there is plenty of stylish ways to wear it.

The key to pulling off this trendy look is to wear it in moderation. 

Don’t overdo it. Whether wearing camo with an outfit that is otherwise head-to-toe white or building a look around a pair of camo pants, you can’t go wrong by adding the print to your wardrobe. 

Play up with the print with plain tops and cool accessories. If wearing it feels intimidating, start small or wear it as outerwear, so it doesn’t feel so “high commitment.”

Here are 12 Celebrities who are keeping it camo!

Kanye West

Kanye West wears a lot of camouflage-patterned clothing. Camo bucket hats, camo parkas, camo T-shirts, camo cargos. Over the years, the 40-year-old has been seen in a barrack’s worth of camo.  This man even raps about the print! West’s fashion label Yeezy Clothing heavily incorporated a camouflage print into its Season 5 line, with his wife, Kim Kardashian.


Actress Zendaya proved that even dressing to be comfortable on a potentially cramped flight leaves room for a bit of style. Seen walking through LAX ready to board in comfort, in a Puma camouflage-print hoodie and leggings that emphasized her thin pencil legs.

Sean Borg

The TV personality Sean Borg was criticized recently on social media for wearing camo print pants at 52-years-old. We think the handsome Brit’ looks anything but old in these paparazzi pictures and pulls off the look as good anyone half his age.

Kim Kardashian

The reality television star Kim Kardashian loves camo pants. Seen here dressed casually. The international star and her husband Kanye are often seen sporting this fashionable print. Kim is no stranger to boundary-pushing fashion, but these camo pants are a hard sell!

Akshay Kumar

Bollywood star Akshay Kumar stepped out in a super cool pair of camo trousers with a casual black t-shirt at the Screening od Baaghi 2. The actor was at the Mumbai airport sporting a grey camouflage jumpsuit. A big fan of the print!

Holly Willoughby 

Don’t be frightened to clash a classic camouflage print like British TV host Holly Willoughby – remember to keep the other half of your outfit plain. Contrasting patterns such as a statement bag or shoe will lift tonal greens and give them a fashion edge.

Shah Rukh Khan

The Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan sported camouflage pants looking as handsome as ever walking through Mumbai airport. Recently, the Zero actor was clicked by our shutterbugs while jetting off to an undisclosed location looking ruggedly hot. There’s something about Khan; he has the “it” factor.

Khloé Kardashian

Khloé Kardashian was spotted out and about in Calabasas wearing baggy cargo patterned pants. Khloe recently posted a photo of herself on Instagram wearing her Onepiece Camouflage suit and since been seen in the famed print a number times.

Mickey Rourke

Never too old to don camo….and Mickey Rourke proves it. The 64-year-old Wrestler star flaunted his brawny chest and fit physique in a pair of skintight ripped camouflage trousers walking through Beverly Hills, California. After seeing these pictures of Rourke, Sean Borg should not be worried about wearing camo. Age is but a number!

Cara Delevingne

Supermodel and actress Cara Delevingne seen making her way to her car after leaving a London hotel. The model wore a pair of distressed camouflage green jeans with her favorite leather jacket and Timbs. The distressing on the jeans added a more combative feel to the trendy attire. 

Scott Disick

Like his ex-ex Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick is a massive fan of the famous print, seen here, the actor and producer is wearing Ralph Lauren chino cargo pants. Not everyone loves Scott, but we like him these trousers!


Jay-Z has made a string of appearances dressed in camouflage. One such outing was the NBA2K13 launch, where Jay was photographed wearing these Baldwin camo trousers. We tell you this pattern isn’t going away (despite some #menswear backlash), and what’s more, is that this pair specifically hasn’t left Jay-Z’s body.

So follow their example…and go, go, go “camo” in 2020 folks! 


Brands change Paris Fashion Week runway timetable to maintain a strategic distance from yellow vests protesters

You may state that fluorescent yellow is this present season’s colour in France…

As Paris men’s Fashion Week commenced, fashion brands from Dior to Thom Browne changed their runway timetables to evade arranged gilets jaunes(yellow vests) dissents.

Dior kept in touch with visitors disclosing to them its show, at first got ready for January 19, would now be hung on January 18 so as not to conflict with exhibits on Saturday.

Luxury brands in France have been influenced by the dissents, which began on November 25, 2018, over gas climbs and have thundered on into the new year. Toward the beginning of the dissents in November, the Dior store on the Champs-Élysées was hit by €1 million worth of harm.

Thom Browne moved the season of its show from 2 pm to 11 am on guidance from the Federation of Haute Couture and Fashion — the French design industry’s governing body that supervises fashion week plans, as indicated by Vogue.

The fashion magazine additionally announced that Spanish brand Loewe had followed suit, moving its show to 10am and knocking Sacai, which was initially booked around then, to a 9 am begin time.

Menswear shows will be hosted in the French capital until January 20.

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U.S. Fashion designer Nikki Lund and friend Sean Borg catch up in Downtown Palm Springs

What a year it’s been for Nikki Lund! The Kardashian “bestie” has been embracing the joys of motherhood and juggling a full-time career making records and creating a new collection. Where does she find the time?

The fashion designer even had time to visit Palm Springs this Christmas, to catch up with her good friend — the British entertainment personality, Sean Borg, who appeared on the hit FOX TV news show — TMZ in America.

Nikki Lund and Sean Borg in Palm Springs for the festive season.
Photo Credit: The Mega Agency

And nothing is as festive as catching up with friends for a little fun during the festive season for a bite to eat at popular eatery Lulu California Bistro on South Palm Canyon this week.

The pair have not seen each other in over a year due to their work commitments. They both have had a busy 2018. Sean spent a year in Tampa, Florida, filming infomercials and having meetings with HSN (Home Shopping Network), but is now back living the sun-drenched desert city.

British News Personality Sean Borg leaving HSN Offices in St. Petersburg, Florida

Nikki, known for dressing the A-listers like Blake SheltonMiley Cyrus, and Carrie Underwood released her third pop track, ‘Better Days.’

Nikki Lund on Set of her new music video, ‘Better Days’. Photo Credit: The Mega Agency

Nikki also gave birth to a baby boy— Hendrix, in 2017, so motherhood has been her primary focus.

The musician and fashion-star that grew up with the Kardashians spent most of the year getting her figure back in shape with grueling workouts with her Hollywood trainer.

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! Nikki Lund and Sean Borg in Palm Springs, California.
Photo Credit: The Mega Agency

The friends chose to dress causal for their cozy lunch date, with California babe, Lund in an all-black skintight figure-hugging two-piece ensemble, with Nike footwear and a pricey Christian Louboutin studded handbag on her arm. 

Nikki and Sean leave Lulu with Sean’s Japanese chin—Eli, heading downtown PS.
Photo Credit: The Mega Agency

Sean opted for a simple look — a navy blue cashmere V-neck, with gray jeans, and black Prada military-boots.

The friends left the restaurant to stroll towards up-town with Sean’s dog Eli by his side, to check out the new shopping area of Palm Springs that has not long opened. Stopping at the Kimpton Rowan for a Christmas cocktail (or two). 

There’s nothing like a good Christmas shop during the most “wonderful time of the year”!