Denver Ariana Grande Fans Upset Instagram Removed Plastic Surgery Filters

With more than one billion users as of 2018, Instagram is one of the world’s most popular apps. Its user base spans across demographics, but one thing is certain: young people love Instagram. According to Pew Research group, 72% of teens in the US used Instagram in 2019. That number has likely risen, as Instagram has grown to be one of the most prominent social media apps in the world. Being such a large company, Instagram has enormous social responsibility, and is attempting to curb negative effects on their users. That’s why if you’re trying to look up plastic surgery in Denver, Boston, or anywhere else, you won’t find any promoted or sponsored content on the social media platform. 

Instagram Removes Plastic Surgery Filters

In a move that shocked many and angered some, Spark AR announced on their Facebook page that they would be removing all filters associated with plastic and cosmetic surgery. Filters that will be affected have been widely used by popular Instagrammers, and will include “Bad Botox,” “Plastica,” and the controversially named “Fix Me.” In their post, the company characterizes the decision as being part of an effort to reform their “Wellness Policy.” They further clarify that they will continue to review their content to ensure that it is “positive” and non-harmful to users. It’s hard to tell whether or not any other content will be targeted by Instagram’s ban. Those seeking plastic surgery in Denver or any other city might not be able to find any content on IG. As is, plastic surgery firms or clinics may soon see their profiles targeted if some user fears are correct. 

Ariana Grande Covers Kylie Jenner’s “Rise & Shine” Meme

Speaking of Instagram, IG queen Ariana recently added to the already enormous pile of memes making fun of Kylie Jenner’s motherhood moment. When Kylie sang out three little words to her child on camera, she probably never thought it would turn into a moment mocked on Twitter, Tik Tok, and especially Instagram. Ariana’s parody is definitely meant to be lightly poking fun, but fans are already using the moment as evidence of a possible feud between the two celebrities. This sort of content will continue to be permitted to be on Instagram, even though it’s arguably much more mean-spirited than any plastic surgery filters currently available on Instagram. 

Whether you’re trying to find info on plastic surgery in Denver or anywhere else, you should probably look somewhere that isn’t Instagram. As the site continues to try and make themselves user-friendly, who knows what other “controversial” topics will be purged from the platform. Apparently, the app is even considering the removal of their iconic “like” button. If that’s the case, then what other changes will they make?