CatchFood launches Contact-Free delivery option during coronavirus pandemic!

CatchFood, online food delivery service in the Middle East, has announced an free-contact delivery service in an effort to provide options for users who prefer less contact with people who deliver for meals and this service will remain active at the present time, and people can also continue to support Local restaurants safely without the need to communicate and this process is done through the website or apps.

“For your safety, you and the driver, for the safety of restaurants, the drivers will call or send a text message when they arrive and deliver your order on the doorstep, or any other area that the customer selects,” Ahmad A Najar Founder and CEO of CatchFood said. “This option is now available on the CatchFood website and latest version of the app.” This is a distinguished and new service in middle east.

Any customer can request orders without contact if someone requests the request, the delivery employee will put the customer’s food in a safe place and the delivery will use the phone or app through the options available to the driver of the order that the delivery has been made and the service will send the notification with a message to the customer when he is ready and out side.

CatchFood as the platform specialized in food requests in the Middle East and United States does not impose any fees and commissions to use its site and its application to take advantage of all promotional offers run by restaurants and we appeal to all owners of restaurants and shops to activate their services to benefit from them and facilitate services.


CatchFood Online Ordering food requesting service

With the obtainability and reach of the internet all over the place, it has developed the simplest method to demand whatever you need from your household deprived of the need to abandon it, and some of the utmost popular online gathering apps in the in middle east is online food. You can come on a site, place your order, paid for it, and wait for it to reach the door of the house.

Catch Food are some of the websites that have been helping restaurants requesting facilities since 2015, which keeps you from the problem of exploring for restaurants or move into them and worsening your period on traffic. The website attaches customers operators and restaurant holders, as it bids an extensive range of plates from diverse restaurants and kinds of food.

The procedure of requesting food via Catch Food desires only 3 simple way, Anywhere. We get it! A few steps and get the food you love! the initial is to arrive your town and the street in it to display you a record of restaurants that reach in your part, then select the restaurant you favor and the mealtime you need and the method of expense and then wait for the meal to be brought to you and you can pay the money upon receiving.

CatchFood chains several countries, namely Iraq, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine. It similarly allows ordering food from many restaurants and fast food, such as pizza, burgers, chicken, and even dishes from additional kitchens such as Indian, Japanese and Lebanese.

The user can order from many restaurants, where they are on more than a few separate orders and payment is made separately. Catch Food checks that its role lies only in finishing the request online as it settles that you receive your order from the restaurant with a message on your phone and your email and notifies you of the expected time of delivery and has nothing to ensure with the mistakes of orders or the quality of the food where the user can reach with the restaurant to solve problems if they occur.

Founder and CEO Ahmad A. Najar of CatchFood said the platform is free for restaurant owners and customers on the site is also permitted. The service also offers its applications for smartphones to order from anywhere via your phone.