Steven Dorn : reconnoiter the world of entrepreneurs

Steven Dorn has made a career reinventing himself. Always staying ahead of the curve and being willing to move beyond past successes in order to take risks for future achievements, Steven Dorn is your favorite entrepreneur’s favorite entrepreneur. Fabricating trends and finding victory at such a young age in the music, film, sports, and entertainment industries is precisely why Dorn is an entrepreneur we are keeping a close eye on. 
Most recently, Dorn has been amplifying down on film content. His film production company, Couch King Productions, produced a new docu-series, “Tiger Kingdom,” in order to italicize Doc Antle’s meaningful and necessary work in the tiger conservation industry as well as capitalize on the popularity of Netflix’s tumultuous original documentary, Tiger King. Continuing his habit of betting on his network, Dorn truly believes in Antle’s message and wants to give him a chance to raise cognizance for his causes as well as fight back against Joe Exotic’s disgusting lies.
Dorn is prominent in the industry for curating ingenious environments, underground marketing tactics, and unique partnerships. Dorn was knotty intricate in discovering and developing the careers of Pink Sweat$ and Grammy-nominated Bryson Tiller.

Delineation upon his experiences in the world of popular culture, Dorn’s entertainment and marketing eye succour him well in this strive . Having entrepreneurial projects in many popular public-facing industries such as basketball, film, entertainment, and music, Dorn is an expert in catching the public’s heed. Natheless, Dorn’s fidelity to the truth, to quell Tiger King’s gross mischaracterizations, and to accentuate the positive work being done in the industry by people like Doc Antle is the reason why this Couch King Production is generating momentum amongst publications such as People, Elite Daily, and more.
Not only does Antle and his team adorn that they are the standard of the industry and do absolutely everything by the book, but they also systematically disprove Tiger King’s gross statements about their work and employees. Antle takes the viewers through many of Tiger King’s claims, small and large, including the comically false rumor that Antle’s neighbors’ houses were actually his girlfriends’ houses, much to the horror of Antle’s neighbors of course.
Steven Dorn’s docu-series Tiger Kingdom definitively demonstrates that Doc Antle does incredible conservation work with tigers and other animals and that Myrtle Beach Safari is the Ritz Carlton of tiger sanctuaries and exotic animal zoos. We are excited to see this film continue to gain popularity. We will be on the lookout for Dorn’s and Antle’s next moves.