Piggy Bankers NFTs Take The Social Media & Crypto World By Storm With Their Exciting Crew Members

Piggy Bankers NFTS is here to take the world of crypto by storm. With so many exciting and unique NFTs, it has created a good buzz on social media in just a few days of its launch. On Twitter, the official account of Piggy Bankers has got 16k approx. followers, and on Instagram, the official account is all set to touch the 40k mark.

Amidst all this, the team of Piggy Bankers NFTs has done incredible work in launching its unique crew members. Launching its first crew member and also the mastermind named Shelby, the official Insta account shared his pic.

“Our criminal Mastermind who goes by “SHELBY” has a plan to pull off the biggest HEIST in the Metaverse history. To perform this Grand HEIST, SHELBY has recruited the most incredible crew! Every day Shelby will introduce you to one our several members of the PIGGY BANKERS!” the caption read as saying.

Since then, the team has launched more crew members named Smoky Bacon, Samourai PIG, POLICE, The Hacker, REGGIE PIGSTER.

All this while, one of the hidden crew members was launched with the name of Casa Del Piggy. Now when such a big heist is happening, how can someone leave behind the characters of Money Heist? This crew member of Piggy Bankers is straight from the world of Money Heist. 

Sharing some information about the new crew member, the team of Piggy Bankers shared, “Our next crew member is one of the survivors of Money Heist. 🏦💰 After 2 dangerous but successful Heists in Spain that nearly cost him his life, he was still eager for more… What better challenge than the Metaverse? 👀”

“Our new member wanted to remain anonymous for security reason, so we will call Casa Del Piggy 🐷🐽” the caption of the post further reads as saying.

Lucien Busca designs the art of Piggy Bankers NFTs, the most talented 3D Designer from the “Illumination” animated studio popularly known for his work on Hollywood blockbusters like Star Wars, Iron Man, Despicable Me & Minions. 

The team behind the Piggy Bankers consists of experienced entrepreneurs, artists, blockchain experts, and senior marketing specialists, which makes it an NFT collection with a strong base. Sharing their commitment and goal, the team says, “Our commitment as a unique team in this incredible project goes beyond a successful sale, but towards the creation of a unified community around a product that is appreciated and of which it takes full advantage.”