How thousands of artists are making passive income using NFT Technology

For a long time, artists have been facing a myriad of challenges when trying to secure their digital artwork. Many have lost their property to copycats who steal private pieces of art and hamper the growth of the industry. However, the advent of the revolutionary NFT technology can eliminate such problems since people can now protect their work and stop the illegal sale of digital assets. NFTs use blockchain to encrypt artwork, and buyers can use the token to verify the ownership and validity of a digital art piece. For that reason, bidders can quickly identify authentic artwork and avoid illegal copies.

One of the rapidly growing NFTs is the Lord Society which runs on the Ethereum blockchain. It has a collection of 777 Lords, and the number keeps growing as more people join the club. Each piece comprises a unique avatar or painting that features over 150 traits. The innovative crypto art world is inclusive since it welcomes artists of all ages and accepts various digital assets, including artwork, songs, albums, and fashion designs.

The NFT craze is growing worldwide since it helps artists generate passive income without facing the risk of losing ownership of their work to third parties. If you become a member of the Lord society, you enjoy more benefits as time goes on. Although the technology is still in its infancy stage, it has gained massive followers on various social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. As a result, some new NFTs have gained popularity within a short time, rapidly increasing their value. For instance, the price of Bored Apes and CryptoPunks skyrocketed up to10000% after launching, attracting many investors across the world.

Digital assets enthusiasts claim that the value of the Lord Society might also increase when they launch an online casino on Decentraland. Decentraland Metaverse allows individuals to use NFT to flip digital assets such as digital land for real money. If the Lord Society creates a casino on the platform, members might make more cash since they’ll receive 10% of the profits. Players might also enjoy additional perks like free spins and bonuses, just like other online casinos. Further,  they can play and win cash prizes worth $20,000 or a $LOR token. Lastly, gamblers can win big prizes by wagering on several weekly competitions such as Blackjack, Draftkings, Betting, Poker, and more.

The Lord Society boasts over 250000 members around the world, and it intends to organize parties in various cities after launching the casino. However, the followers will choose the location after reaching a consensus. Many celebrities and influencers are endorsing NFT since it helps artists protect their artwork and generate more income. Some stars supporting the technology include Neyo, Grimaldo, The game, and others. The individuals are using social media to run an extensive marketing campaign to sensitize those with digital assets to use NFT to their advantage. The technology is advantageous to artists since people can sell crypto art online and get paid using various cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum.