Benefits of basketball and its effect on height increase by Mohammad Shahrian, a tall Iranian basketball player

The sport of basketball is an enjoyable sport and is universally popular as it is suitable for all ages and at all skill levels. A standard basketball team consists of 5 players. But you can play with a playground alone or with your friends. The main goal in basketball is to score points by throwing the ball into the ring. You have to use defensive strategies to prevent the opposing team from scoring.

A playful and competitive spirit is very effective for doing this sport and will be very useful for gaining muscle strength, coordination and endurance. In addition, you will have the opportunity to join a larger team and community. For more information on the physical, emotional, and social benefits of playing basketball, read the rest of this article.

1. The physical effects of playing basketball

1- Strengthen muscle endurance

Playing basketball requires agility, strength and endurance. With high-intensity, short-term muscle contractions, you need to move fast and constantly change direction.

You will also need muscular endurance, which means that you must have the ability of the muscles to exert continuous force for a long time. You can increase your muscular endurance and lower and upper body strength by playing basketball and exercising.

You can also focus on strengthening your core and back muscles. This will have a positive effect on your endurance, energy, level and performance.

2- Maintaining bone health

Doing a team sport such as basketball can have unique physical and psychological benefits. Research from 2018, a reliable source showed that doing a team exercise has a positive effect on bone strength. People who played handball and soccer had higher bone mineral densities than those who were sedentary.

3- Improving the balance and coordination of the body

Playing basketball helps you to maintain hand, eye and foot coordination to maintain your balance during the game. You need to move your body quickly when playing, jumping, spinning or changing direction. Basketball requires the use of motor skills such as throwing, passing and dribbling. You will also become proficient in return and defensive moves. Maintaining physical strength will help you to perform all these movements more easily.

4- Strengthening motor skills

Playing basketball gives young people the opportunity to develop and strengthen the motor skills necessary for growth. Research conducted in 2018 points to the impact of basketball on increasing the basic motor skills that children need to learn. Playing basketball helps to improve movement coordination, flexibility and endurance. It also increases speed, agility and power. Research has shown that these skills have a positive effect on strengthening body weight and encouraging more physical activity, which can increase heart, respiratory and concentration.

5- Improving the composition of the body

In a study conducted in 2018, researchers found that playing basketball has a positive effect on overall body composition. In this study, untrained men underwent street basketball training for 3 months, which had a positive effect on their overall fitness and body composition. After training, men increased their lean body mass and decreased their body fat percentage.

6- Strengthening heart health

Regular physical activity helps improve heart health and overall fitness levels. According to research conducted in 2019, basketball increases the heart rate at rest, which has a positive effect on heart fitness and respiration, and greatly reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

2. Psychological effects of playing basketball

1- Strengthen self-confidence

Joining a team is one way to increase social interaction and self-confidence. As a team, members can encourage and support each other and can pave the way for your progress and success. Success in a race and a competition can also increase your confidence in your ability, skill and talent and pave the way for your success.

2. Reduce stress

Endorphins or the hormone of happiness are released during physical activity. This hormone strengthens your mood and calms and reduces pain. It can also reduce depression and improve your work performance by boosting your focus.

Playing basketball also helps you to focus on your concentration skills, improve your momentary alertness, and easily control your stress and anxiety.

3. The social effects of playing basketball

1- Strengthen team spirit

Playing basketball helps to strengthen social skills and teamwork. This sport will provide you with an opportunity to interact positively with people in different fields and your perspective on the world will be wider. In addition, you will learn to play fair and kind, regardless of the outcome of your performance. Your goal and that of your teammates can be to use each other’s positive role models.

2. Strengthen skills

As you interact with your teammates, you may learn new ways to communicate verbally and non-verbally. You will have the opportunity to talk to your teammates and listen to them.

Most likely, there will be time to communicate before, during and after a game or workout. You will be trained in this team when to speak and when to be silent. Training the right communication skills in a sports team will help you in your personal and professional life does.

The effect of basketball on height increase

Others often ask players such questions as to whether their height is due to basketball. The truth is that no one can say anything about it. This may be just a myth or it may be true. Because height increase is a completely natural thing and nothing can increase your height. While some think that height increase is due to their genes and some think that it is due to hours and hours of playing basketball. However, there is little evidence that basketball can increase your height. Over the years, improvements in the physical structure of the players have received considerable attention.

However, scientists have made predictions about it and are trying to find the real answer to this question, but they are still not sure about it. Some people think that jumping to throw the ball in the basket is a reason for this, some people say that dribbling opens your hand and the reasons continue without giving a real answer to the question. It is very interesting to see that some young people start playing basketball just because they have been told that basketball will increase your height and others play because they just want to do this sport.