Lunar New Year 2022 (Multiple Countries)

With brilliant lamps, customary food sources, and a quality of expectation for what’s to come, the present Doodle invites the Year of the Tiger on the main day of the Lunar New Year. As opposed to merriments attached to the sun powered Gregorian schedule, individuals all over the planet adjust their new year’s festivals in light of the old lunisolar Chinese schedule framework, which follows the patterns of the moon and sun.

Another year represents a new beginning and numerous customs catch this idea. Arrangements start ten days before the lunar new year with many cleaning their homes as a method for getting out misfortune from the earlier year. Customary food sources that address favorable luck like fish (overflow) and mandarin oranges (favorability) are ready. Families improve their homes with blossoms, for example, peach blooms; red lights; fai chun (red standards with phrases that wish individuals karma and success); and trade lai see (red envelopes loaded up with cash).

Cheerful Lunar New Year!