Making revolutionary changes in the tech world is Jaime Manteiga’s TapTok, a modern-day approach for contact sharing technologies.

Jaime Manteiga has taken TapTok and his other firm Venkon Corp to the next level with his unconventional ideas and strategies as a tech entrepreneur.

With the newer world come many new developments across industries. So many entrepreneurs and professionals have tried to put in their best possible efforts with the aim to become a part of a revolutionary world. Jaime Manteiga is a name that needs no more introductions in the tech world as he is setting the bar for others higher as an ace network security researcher and a young investor and entrepreneur. This Cuban-American entrepreneur has to his credit the inception of two of the most leading companies in the tech world. One is Venkon Corp that is a growing computer and network security company in Miami, Florida and the second is TapTok, which is seen as a revolutionary approach for contact sharing technologies.

Talking about TapTok, Jaime Manteiga says it is an exceptional and revolutionary approach to networking through innovative and customizable contact sharing technologies. This has paved the way for more modern-day tech advancements with the elimination of the traditional paper business cards. TapTok serves as the modern-day approach and solutions to the modern-day professionals for acing the game of networking in business.

TapTok has launched a safer and innovative alternative to business cards. This has proved to be an even more excellent approach for networking amidst the trying times of Covid, where business owners can reach their prospects and clients through their digital business contacts. It has a futuristic design and promotes contactless technology that allows people to share their contact information, bringing closer to the prospective device and the information can get transferred easily, conveniently and quickly.

TapTok sees an exponential success at a time when people are prohibited to touch surfaces and things due to Covid. Hence, Jaime Manteiga’s touchless development in the form of TapTok does the trick to help people do business and network more. Also, traditional business cards had no scope for revising information since they were already printed. With TapTok, people can change anything easily by going to the dashboard and making the revisions.

For the security aspect as well, Jaime Manteiga excels with TapTok, as he ensures users that even if the card gets lost, users needn’t worry about their details spilling out with the wrong people. It has a built-in bank-level security standard and includes a loss/stolen protection, which means people can lock the card as per their convenience and no other person will have the access to the contents.

Newer technologies like TapTok prove the hard work and commitment of entrepreneurs like Jaime Manteiga who are driven by their aim to make the world a better place with their technological inceptions.