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Taking a nice long vacation is something many of us look forward to every year. Lots of Americans invest that time road tripping. It’s constantly fun to check out new restaurants and see what other cities around the country have to offer.

The worst part is usually the getting there. Most of us would agree that being cooped up in a car for hours at a time is no fun at all.

However, innovation could very well change the majority of that, soon. There’s an organization working on a new mode of transportation that appears as though something ideal out of a science fiction film.

Steve Lee is a fashioner at Aprilli Design Studio and he might have come up with the perfect solution for those horribly long road trips. His thought, an Autonomous Travel Suite.

It’s fundamentally a hotel room on wheels, and the best part is, it’s self-driving. So you won’t need to stress over congested roads, missing your leave, bad street conditions, or whatever else that worries you amid long trips.

As indicated by Aprilli’s website, the Autonomous Travel Suite is designed to be a room, not a car. It will be completely equipped with essential resting, working and washroom facilities and visitors will have the capacity to utilize travel time more effectively than before.

Imagine never having to pull over at a rest stop to utilize the restroom again. Or wasting time at a hotel to get some rest. Presently, you can rest in comfort while the Travel Suite does practically everything. How cool is that?

The thought is the self-driving hotel picks you up at your home and takes you to your goal. Not far off, Lee expectations that a chain of hotels will come along for the ride and offer services to supplement your trip. They would be stationary and offer amenities like fitness centers, pools and meeting rooms that you can utilize while your ride’s battery charges.

It’s a really brilliant approach to travel if you think about it. The main issue is there are tons of bugs to work out and we don’t know when this innovation will be prepared. Lee would like to have a portion of the Autonomous Travel Suites on the road by 2030.

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