How to get Influencers to promote your brand – with Tuned In Tokyo

What forms the backbone of every successful business?

Whether it’s a local plumbing company, a tattoo parlor, or an online fashion store, success can always be attributed to filling a gap in the market. The only difference is that in niche marketing, the idea is to be more precise with the audience you want to reach. Tuned In Tokyo targets the jdm scene and when we host car events we bring a community closer to each other and that’s what makes us unique with other automotive apparel companies.

How does Tuned In Tokyo manage to find influencers?

According to Frankie, influencer marketing proves to be one of the most powerful tools for marketing your niche on social platforms. Their strategy involved finding influencers who were already engaged with the audience they wanted to target. This approach has fueled their Instagram growth and helped create their brand’s story, making them more relatable to their target audience. And just like the social media influencers who turned into true brand advocates, their organic following turned into loyal supporters of their brand Tuned In Tokyo.

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