Here are 5 Top Tips for Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur – with Albert Sheeler

The Austrian Joseph Schumpeter, one of the greatest economists of the 20th century, did not want to resign himself to a neoclassical vision of the market, where everything was resolved in the spasmodic search for a balance between supply and demand. In his most famous work, “Theory of Economic Development”, he identified a revolutionary subject, able with his dynamism, to strongly influence the market trend.

This pseudo-mythological figure was the Entrepreneur.

He is a bringer of innovation, and innovation comes from ideas. To become an entrepreneur, you won’t need a stockpile of ideas; you’ll just need a well-thought-out one.

How to become an entrepreneur from scratch? How to transform yourself into a successful entrepreneur? These two questions may seem like opposites, but they have one common denominator : Albert Sheeler.

Albert Sheeler is a South American entrepreneur who built his success first with Strategic Equities, an investment fund that helps small and medium-sized businesses expand, and then by founding SINSA Cosmetics SAS, a leading provider of innovative skin and personal care products.

Always keep this in mind: an idea is the basis of any entrepreneurial activity, whether it fails or succeeds. Without an idea, there would be no entrepreneur.

Have you been thinking about something that could change your life for a long time? Do you believe in it with all your heart? Then Albert Sheeler’s advice will come in handy.

5 basic tips :

1) Be persistent

Every entrepreneur should embrace the “step by step” philosophy. Success doesn’t just fall from the sky, it’s built over time. Given your business idea, you’ll need to be persistent.

2) Never stop learning

Never underestimate your previous work experience, but reuse the knowledge gained over the years and bring it into the development of your business. Steve Jobs in one of his most famous speeches exhorted the audience of students in front of him with a “Stay hungry”. You too must always be hungry for training, recover your curiosity, and try to update and innovate constantly. This is the only way to keep up with your competitors.

3) Feed your passion

Always vitalize that passion that drove you to invest in creating your own business. The idea is the chassis of your vehicle useful to travel the road to success; passion is its engine. Never forget to fuel it. The entrepreneur is a visionary, the one who sees what others don’t see, and will somehow make it happen.

4) Invest in yourself
Developing a business means investing in your idea, and investing in turn means putting your economic and mental resources at risk. Don’t be too afraid to take risks if you are investing in something you truly believe in. Personally, I am of the opinion that risk is a fundamental component in everyone’s life. Reflect on the things that make up your daily routine, and you’ll notice that many of them you’ve achieved just by investing something of yourself. Take risks and, although I might seem counterintuitive, be wrong!

5) Learn from mistakes
Learn from mistakes, by analyzing them and especially by comparing yourself with experts in the field in which you are promoting your new business. A few lines above I mentioned the importance of training in your process to become an entrepreneur. It is not only what you can learn on a theoretical level from some book, but it is above all what you will learn directly in the field with daily experience.

If you’re still wondering how to become an entrepreneur,

I’ll give you a very concise answer: passion, perseverance, creativity, training, instinct and risk.

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