Groomit Announces Expansion Of In-Home Pet Grooming Services To Miami And Philadelphia

{Miami, FL} – Groomit is announcing the expansion of their in-home pet grooming services to Miami and Philadelphia. The service features highly skilled and certified pet stylists who come to you to provide safe, convenient, same-day in-home pet grooming.

Groomit launched in 2017 in New York City and surrounding areas. COO Lars Rissmann says, “This is the Uber of pet grooming, an app people can use to select an appointment, grooming package, and make secure payment.”

Rissmann adds that Groomit is expanding into more cities at exactly the right time because the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has shifted much of Corporate America from offices to homes, and Groomit is a safer, more sanitary solution that requires minimal contact with other people.

Groomit has already garnered press coverage in Forbes and The New York Times, and the company has won rave reviews, primarily because it offers an altogether different experience for the pet and the human. “When you go to a salon you need to schedule that days in advance,” Rissmann says, “You drop off the dog. Three or four people are involved. They put the dog in a cage dryer, which can cause the animal anxiety. But with Groomit you can see the entire process right there in front of you.”

The groomers who provide the service are evaluated by a master groomer before they begin work. Groomit typically hires people who have at least two years of experience, and they’re always interested in new applicants. For the first 10 appointments, Groomit follows up with the customers personally to solicit their feedback about the experience, asking questions about the grooming, communication with their groomer, and their groomer’s adherence to COVID guidelines. Groomit also offers liability insurance for the pet and the property where the service takes place.

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