Free apps to help start a small business

The majority of small business owners are constantly on the move; they can be working from home or office, on a job site like My Custom Essay, speaking gig or networking event, or attending meetings or conferences. This article explores free smartphone apps suitable for small businesses for tasks such as mileage tracking, customer management, marketing, payment processing, project management, and payroll. 

Also, the apps work on devices with both Android and iOS operating systems.


This app is suitable for small business owners with employees. It helps handle tax, benefits, and payroll issues in one mobile app. It is useful in onboarding new employees, handles taxes at all levels, handles all deductions, and reports new employees to the government. It is only free for the initial month.

Scanner App

A free small business app allows business owners to share forms and documents on the go. This app takes a photograph of a document and converts it to JPEG or pdf for sharing purposes. It can take several photos and convert them to one document; you can also include a signature.


It is a payment app suitable for small business entities. Small businesses such as food trucks, retail shops, beauty salons, and similar businesses will immensely benefit from a square app. This app is free to use after downloading. Also, Square comes with a free reader that helps small business owners to swipe credit cards.


Wunderlist is a simple yet effective app suitable for running small businesses. It is a to-do list for collaborating with the team when working on a common project. It synchronizes automatically so that all employees can see completed tasks and ones that are still pending.


LinkedIn is a common business app for networking. You can use this powerful marketing tool often. With this app, one can broadcast updates, monitor competitors, follow inspirational people and companies, recruit new employees, and even add new connections on the go.


A photo-editing app enables small business owners to enjoy a social media presence. You can use this app to crop photos for social media sites such as Instagram or even edit a picture and host it on your website. It is excellent for marketing with your small business venture.


This app ships with simple and powerful inventory management tools. With this app, you can see sales trends, compare location performance, and check profit margins. As a small business owner, you can see products that slow-moving so that you can discount and avoid restocking.


Owners of small businesses who enjoy business trips will find this app incredible. This app helps you collect travel details and even send you alerts on flight changes. Also, you can locate the best seat and find different flights. When you update your itinerary on TripIt, you will get updates on your travel schedule.


This app is not fancy; however, it gets your job done. This free app helps you track to a maximum of 40 trips per month, even on multiple vehicles. You can group your trips as being either business or personal. It integrates well with FreshBooks so that you are in a position to download data and include your trips to expense reports.


It is difficult to manage business cards since they are expensive, difficult to keep, and always out of date. This app is a business-networking application that enables you to send information typically on a business card via SMS.