Fitting into the New Norm: Rom Raviv’s Essential Guide for Entrepreneurs to Beat the Global Pandemic

The year 2020 brought forth a lot of changes as the world was held to a standstill due to the global Coronavirus pandemic. The situation has left a lasting scar on all business-related activities because the possibilities of creating a permanent cure are still uncertain. And despite vaccines already being administered, several businesses are still finding it difficult to recover from the economic hit they suffered.

Regardless, some business owners and entrepreneurs are thinking outside the box and coming up with creative ideas to yield revenues for their businesses. Rom Raviv is one of the creative entrepreneurs who attained success for his brand in the harsh economic reality.

A Shining Light

Rom Raviv is the owner of Podblade, a podcast agency that uses B2B approaches to help other businesses and clients achieve an influential podcast. The company offers white label solutions to podcast coaches and marketing agencies.

Asides from that, Rom Raviv is a social media star that boasts over 500,000 followers on TikTok and a host of the podcast show called Spreading success. He interviews elite entrepreneurs on practical business tips and ideas. Rom’s business has seen nothing but success these last few months, so the question is, how has Rom managed to stay afloat?

Learn To Adapt

Ever since Rom was a kid, the idea of working remotely has always been a subject of interest. This made him search for ways to help him achieve the remote lifestyle. One of these ways was Zoom. Way before the virus made Zoom popular, Rom has utilized its video conferencing services for chats with his podcast guest – this covered guest interviews, granting interviews, and so on.

“Zoom has always been part of my podcasting setup. This has not changed during the pandemic, and once I saw more people flocking to Zoom, it made me even more confident in my setup. Although it is a lot more convenient that most guests are now familiar with Zoom.” Rom explains.

New ways to take your business to the next level pop up each day, and your goal as an entrepreneur is to select some of these tools and use them to strengthen your business further.


The rebirth of Rom’s Podblade agency started at a time when the global pandemic was at its peak. In this period, Rom and his partner separated, and he had to face the challenge of developing the podcasting agency alone. 

As a teenager with little experience in managing a business alone, this experience was difficult to handle. However, Rom was resilient enough to learn things on his own and fully take over the business to the height it is today.

Most entrepreneurs might call it quits when a business partner leaves, but Rom didn’t let this stop him. He pressed forward and harnessed skills that helped him grow his business during those arduous periods.

Work On Self-development

As the global pandemic bites harder, an entrepreneur must focus on the growth and development aspect of their business. There will be a need to increase your productivity and creativity, as this will attract more investors and partners. 

“I will continue to grow and succeed by focusing my time and energy on the tasks that move the needle forward and use standard operating procedures to delegate the rest”. Rom shares

Therefore, as an entrepreneur, you must focus on high-income activities such as sales calls, idea pitching, and so on. These activities will allow your business to grow and develop at a faster pace.