Film Director Pranjal Singh Is Always Ready For Social Work For Society To Make Country Proud.

Film director Pranjal Singh is always in discussion to give a new direction to society through his films, his films not only show the way to build a new society but also encourage the youth to do something for the society.

He has worked as an associate director in several Bollywood well-known films, but when it comes to Bihar, he always does something for Bihar because Director Pranjal is born in Patna, the capital of Bihar. Some of Pranjal’s documentary films were so influential that the Bihar government also took those issues seriously and He has worked on the reforms to make films on many evils of the society like films made on Halala and Zindagi Ek Lamha, Stari Murti, Bachpan which make the social people think again gives society a meaningful thing.

One such documentary, Zindagi Ek Lamha, is based on the story of older people, who lived in old age homes. Showing how today’s children leave their parents in old age homes and their wait parents in the old ashram and think about when their children will come, and they will take him home from the ashram. He was so emotional while making this film that after that he helped many elders, he formed a group of many forced and poor people who were given a house to live in, food to eat & books to study, he motivated to work again and make them independent, he made them is worthy to help each other to make a living.

He has made a documentary on the education, and protection of women called Raise Your Voice, which shows the exploitation and oppression of women, He also contributes significantly to the education of women. He believes If women are educated then our society will be educated, our upcoming generation will be educated, an educated woman will be able to deal with every kind of problem & also give education to their family & friends.

In the investigation we made above Pranjal, we found that he always spends a major part of his income on the education of poor children, the help of older people, on the women empowerment and safety of women. He teaches children free of cost and in his further studies, He also cooperates with them, and he never took any credit for all this nor did he ever mention these things anywhere.

He says that “It is important to change ourselves before the society changes, He always says that only 10% of earning an income we can survive rest 90% people spend on luxury, If every people can teach one child then this India will become super powerful in coming years. It is important to heal ourselves before changing the world. It is just liking this that when the traffic policeman catches up and starts invoicing, we save our lives by paying him hundreds of rupees. What do we do in such a situation? Since the challan would have been five hundred rupees, we saved four hundred rupees. We are four times bigger thieves than the traffic police. In such a situation, we talking about the change of society. ”

Pranjal wants to bring change in society through his films, one of our problems is related to education. “How proud we are that our children study in private schools. But how many countries have private schools and public schools? In such a situation, have you ever wondered why private schools been needed and do private schools do everything at their own cost? The truth is not so. In such a situation, who is suffering? T To overcome this problem, Pranjal is going to launch a digital platform called OCP Learning in the future where education and education will be provided to the children and youth of our country by the expert at the least Cost/Free.

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