Unbelievable Journey of Dr Gajendra Purohit – Online Tutor & Counsellor

In his teaching career, Dr Gajendra Purohit has helped a lot of students cope with the pressure of passing the higher or advanced mathematics examinations. Dr Gajendra Purohit began his teaching career in the year 2004. Since then, he is following the road of success with his immense skills and intelligence in the field of mathematics. He belongs from a small town near Pratapgarh, Rajasthan, and did his schooling at a government school in his village. Gajendra joined MB Science University in Udaipur and pursued his further education in the city. To accomplish further success, he later cracked CSIR-NET Mathematics and was awarded for PhD in Mathematics in 2009. Dr Gajendra Purohit is presently employed as a Director in one of Udaipur’s bespoke colleges, Pacific College of Basic & Applied Sciences.

GP Sir started a YouTube Channel to teach mathematics to students virtually. His videos not only include information about mathematics and solutions, but there is also a lot of information about how to reduce the pressure of cracking the higher-level exams. Apart from being a mathematics tutor and a Director in College, he is actively involved in counselling students to help them cope with the pressure of cracking CSIR-NET Mathematics or other advance level exams. Dr Gajendra Purohit has videos on how to overcome the stress of passing exams, dealing with depression or failure, and a lot more topics suchlike.

He has more than 4,52,000 subscribers on YouTube, and he has received more than 30 million views on his educational videos. Gajendra has accomplished a lot from an incredibly young age and is still inspiring people to become a master in their field. His skills have no bounds, and this is what makes him such a humble personality and a superb mentor. If you are worried about the number of hours you need to dedicate to studying for passing your examinations successfully, you should definitely watch his videos. Numerous students have benefitted from GP Sir’s videos and have thanked him immeasurably for the very useful tips about studying mathematics the right way!

Apart from teaching on YouTube, Dr Gajendra Purohit is also a lecturer on Unacademy, a prominent online education platform, since November 2019, where over 200 students have qualified with CSIR-NET Mathematics under his guidance and training program. Gajendra Purohit is a top educator on Unacademy. Additionally, the online tutor is passionately familiar

with teaching CSIR-NET Mathematics in Udaipur and beyond. Currently, he has 25,000 followers on Unacademy. He teaches 60 hours on Unacademy and 25 hours on Snapsolve.

Students can even connect with Dr Gajendra Purohit on Telegram, where he has more than 10,800 subscribers. Also, he is available on Instagram and Facebook, which makes it easier to connect with him. Gajendra Purohit has a robust online presence, making him a successful personality online and offline.