Camilo Doumat: “My expertise in Facebook and Instagram ads helped me scale my e-commerce business”

Knowledge of how businesses work is an important asset for an entrepreneur. Those who seek to upscale their business quickly and strongly must use all resources available in their power to promote their business. This helps you to grow your brand in a positive way and make money. If you run an online eCommerce business like Camilo Doumat, eCommerce genius and owner of Shopify stores, you can certainly make a lot of money with the help of social media marketing.

Camilo enjoys the freedom of working from his computer. Something that has helped him since he was very young. At the age of 24, he wanted to be financially free, so he scoured the internet for answers. Very soon, he found eCommerce and his career officially began. It took him only around 15 days after launching his first online store to net $300,000. “The internet is a great way to spread information and obtain it. When I originally arrived from Venezuela, I had no idea where to start and what to do. I had to drive an Uber initially so I could save money to invest in my business,” said Camilo. Once he quit his job and started his business, the rest was easy. His expertise in social media marketing through platforms like Facebook and Instagram helped him to publicize his business and products which eventually ended up making him about $100,000 in a day and eventually made over one million dollars every month. “Business is a dangerous thing. Without my expertise in social media marketing, I couldn’t have easily promoted my Shopify stores,” added Camilo.

Camilo ensures the quality of his products himself and also makes sure they look good online. “The internet can be very unforgiving at times. A flaw in the product or services can result in negative reviews that seriously impact the business in the long run. Therefore, I handle the marketing and publicity,” said Camilo. eCommerce is a difficult sector with several aspects to keep an eye on. Also, the competition in the field is fierce, so anyone without endless experience, total confidence and the will to succeed will not be able to make it in this field.

Camilo’s talent also exists offline. He has the uncanny ability to turn any conversation into a successful sale. According to his customers, he exudes an aura of wealth that is enticing and urges them to approach him.