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A Rapper by passion, heart and soul, Fahda Romie has become a sensation in the world of rappers, especially throughout the middle east. Rapping has definitely attained an edge due his immense contribution to rap music, and has been in the spotlight since then.


A person with a wholesome of talent, yet, he had to pave his path through struggles. He worked and toiled day and night at a restaurant in Dubai, thus making him one of the best employees at the restaurant. But he had something else in the core of his heart to be worked on.


Fahda Romie always found music to be his strength and something that could enrich his soul. Furthermore, he believed in expressing his emotional sides through words and loved jotting them down. His lyrical abilities proved to be lucky for him as a producer approached him with a few musical notes and Fahda gave his vocals for the same. He did create a soundtrack titled ‘ Journey’ who’s attention seeking impact on the masses was short-lived.


By creating another piece named ‘Recommend’ in 2019, Fahda Romie made a soothing melody that won many hearts. Moreover, working and syncing with the instrumentals of this song led to enhancement of his already sharp skills in this field.

To add on, Fahda forwarded the track to one of his dearest friends named Chad, who was working in the field of music. Chad tuned the song as per his knowledge and interest, which was truly liked by Fahda. This piece was released in the same year as ‘Recommend’, but in the month of December.


Fahda Romie, by chance, met RastaRocket, a Jamaican musician while heading on towards another musical creation. He aided Fahda in several ways on his musical journey and taught him many things significant related to music. Fahda, who was now uprising as a star, collaborated with this Jamaican talent house and DJ Ranger, and gave several hits. However, as Rastarocket migrated to the U.S, the importance of having his own identity in this field hit Fahda.


Working along with Codelank, a Jamaican producer,Fahda has already made chartbusting tracks and has many new releases lined up titled ‘Recommend’, ‘East rave’, ‘Vortex’, ‘Drilling’, ‘Program’, Quasar freestyle and Sheikh up di place.

Being inspired by various other international artists, Fahda’s style and the way of delivering his raps and trap music has definitely influenced many. The day isn’t far, when this young talent will outshine others and be a perfect idol in terms of success.