Amith Boteju: A Talented Musician Who Survived Against All Odds

Surviving in a country that is not your own is not an easy task. Amith Boteju a.k.a. AmithWorldWide, a Sri-Lankan living in the US, has overcome all the obstacles and struggles faced by him. He is now a versatile rapper, record producer, songwriter, and entrepreneur. Only talent and dedication have helped him come this far in life.

In the late 90s, Amith’s family escaped the civil war in Sri-Lanka and came to America. He was raised in a middle-class family and faced a lot of hardships while growing up. Being a minority, he was constantly bullied in high school. English was a foreign language to him and learning it was also an issue he faced. Fast forward to today, he is a renowned musician, showing everyone that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible.

Amith first got introduced to Hip-Hop and Rap due to the African-American community. They embraced him as their own and taught him about the various issues faced by them as a minority and at the same time, about the Hip-Hop culture. He was fascinated by their culture wanted to make a career out of music. While other Sri-Lankan kids were studying to become doctors, engineers, etc., Amith was trying to improve his rapping skills. After dropping out of college, he started working on music and started to make connections with the music industry. Today, he performs with great musicians like Akon and Ne-Yo.

He released his first single, “Money Long”, in 2019. After noticing his amazing talent by Akon, he gave him an opportunity to perform on his domestic tour. Amith also has his fashion line, “Born in Sri-Lanka”, based in Los Angeles, California. He has taken steps in launching a project to solve the energy crisis in Sri Lanka by introducing renewable energy with Akon. Akon has completed a renewable energy project in Africa, lighting over a million rural households. Amith is also the Director of business development at Akoin, which is a cryptocurrency and block-chain ecosystem started by Akon. This will help various emerging entrepreneurs from third-world countries to operate on a common platform. Amith wants to pave the way for other Sri-Lankan artists and encourages everyone to pursue their dreams. His entrepreneurship skills have been featured in International Business Times (IBT) and Yahoo Lifestyle.

Amith Boteju is a hard-working individual who never misses an opportunity presented before him. A talented musician and a philanthropist, Amith brings a variety of skill sets to the table. From signing concert deals to improving lives around the world, he can do it all.