Diemond Star Drumsticks: Created By Drummers, For Drummers

Drums are an old, traditional form of musical instrument. Inspired and, in fact, provided for by nature, the sound of drums can boom through the ear right into the soul. The sacred sound of drums has enchanted generations after generations, and as humanity collectively improves upon its inventions through an evolution of consciousness and a rise in technology, it’s bringing new knowledge in the area of drum manufacturing. Heralding an era of change that pays homage to the sublime in tradition is Diemond Star, a USA-based drumstick manufacturer that specializes in manufacturing drumsticks that serve as the perfect allies to drums.

Founded by Landon Hall in September 2013, Diemond Star has gone on to manufacture drumsticks, brushes, stick bags, bass drum stickers, percussion instruments, accessories, and more. Talking about their sought-after drumsticks, Landon says, “We pride ourselves in crafting some of the most durable drumsticks and drum-related accessories. Our process is intense and is a journey of quality-control and improvisation right from seed to stick. Our single aim is to help drummers across the world play their best every single time.”

Their drumsticks have indeed been much in demand as the drummers are beginning to see the value shock-absorbing drumsticks have on their technique and ability. Landon adds, “We choose only the most premium American hickory to create and craft our drumsticks. The American hickory is excellent when it comes to shock absorption, as it helps take-off and reduce some of the tension and pressure that the player’s hand and wrist can feel after practicing or playing for a long time. Great playing minus the fatigue is what makes drumming a great delight for players and gives us tremendous satisfaction in our product.”

Diemond Star is all about precision. All their drumsticks are pitch-paired and weight-matched, thus enabling versatility. Additionally, Diemond Star is the first drumstick company to reinvent the 6A model stick. Shedding light on the subject, Landon says, “The 6A is one of our top sellers and is one of the most unique and versatile sticks in the market. Our stick types are 7A, 6A, 5A, 3A, 5B, 2B, and ROCK that are precisely engineered to offer perfect balance.”

Landon likes to think of Diemond Star as providers of unique drumsticks with a unique name. And while the name is a head-turner, it’s the quality of the product that makes people stay and experience the magic of handcrafted, most durable, premium drumsticks.