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How Drip Creationz built their brand story? 

Online consumers like interacting and doing business with brands they can relate to. You’d want to offer a more personal approach. Some companies assign a high-level person to be the face of their brand, while others pay top dollar for A-list celebrities to be their brand ambassadors. Drip Creationz combined these two by partnering with influential content creators on Instagram. This gives your brand quick and guaranteed exposure to a targeted audience. For Drip Creationz, this strategy has worked perfectly, helping them acquire 1 million Instagram followers to date. 

How social media works in our favor? 

Having a niche audience doesn’t mean you can’t use social media marketing. In fact, a hyper-specific market is exactly what you want as it allows you to find the right avenues to promote your products or services. Taking the time to pick a niche, develop effective solutions, and market them using a solid niche marketing strategy can serve as a blueprint for any company that wants to generate more quality leads and improve sales.

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