Dan Vas’s lessons for success

Every great man has a lesson for success, from entrepreneurial advice from Billionaires like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos to athletes, artists, and more. You can give people a recipe for cooking up success and remaining focused on their goals.

Dan Vas can be considered a legend of his own time, having grown his net worth from $0 to $32,000 in 3 months due to selling on Amazon FBA. He has some tips on how people who aspire for greatness and success in the eCommerce field can achieve just that.

Follow in the footsteps of success

Sometimes when we think about becoming entrepreneurs, we believe we have to have some big Eureka moment and find a new product. But Vas thinks that it is a matter of following and improving on what already exists out there.

He says, “Most people think they have to have some ‘next level crazy idea’ to succeed when in reality those who succeed aren’t theexplorers who blaze new paths, but those who stand onthe shoulders of giants (as the great Isaac Newton said)”

So, we should be vigilant about what is happening in the market and find ways to capitalize on the opportunities while also making it more efficient, profitable, and accessible to others. 

He explains that there is almost always an easier way of doing things, and so we shouldn’t overthink and give the market what it wants.

Have laser focus and impenetrable discipline

Vas highly recommends that people become more attentive as they pursue their dreams. This helps them narrow their focus on the things that can help them move forward and not get distracted.

The other thing that Vas recommends that entrepreneurs have is discipline.

“Discipline is something that the vast majority of people lack, especially in the Western world due to a comfy environment and lack of societal hardship,” he explains.

Vas mastered how he can become like steel and remain relentless in his focus. He doesn’t allow anything or anyone to remove his focus from what he wants to accomplish.  He says we should be like a wall – impenetrable and immovable.

Play on your strengths

We put great focus into correcting flaws and improving our weaknesses. However, Vas believes that we shouldn’t waste time trying to heal our weaknesses but instead play on our strengths. You can always use your strengths to start your own business and reap huge profits. Vas points out that his strength is inspiring people and creating content, and we can see this where he spends time creating content for his YouTube and helping people chase their dreams.

Ignore conventional wisdom and small-minded people

Many are going according to the status quo. They are obsessed with doing things according to what is expected by society, and this affects the schools they attend and their career paths. But Vas believes that to get real success, you have to walk your own path.

“Completely ignore advice from people who are not living the life you want to live. People will always be the first to give advice but will never take any action themselves to actually

follow through on that advice and to become great themselves,” he says.

Hire the best; fire the rest

He encourages people to seek excellence in all they do. This includes choosing the best team to help you accomplish your goals. Many young people today are entitled millennials who want a lot even after putting in just substandard work.

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