Common concerns in Blogging and some solutions, according to Mrs. Sanam Samipoor, an Iranian famous blogger

During the many conversations that I made with people interested in blogging and being a blogger, I have noticed that all of them have some common concerns which could be your fears and worries too.

  • The number of bloggers has been increased; do we have any chance?

This is a frequent question that we have always been asked about; among all of those professional bloggers, is there any chance for us to be seen? The number of bloggers is indeed increasing each day, but do you know any field or job which has no competition? Competitions were a part of our life and yet it is, however, you should know that the market is big enough so that everyone can find a place in it. The matter is how much you believe in yourself, how much confidence you have for the task, and how much you love it? Because just like any other occupation, it has difficulties, however, it’s not harder than mine working, is it? How many million users there are on Instagram? Over 30 million, but regarding the best and most famous blogger that you know, how many followers do they have? One million? Two or what? People have a wide range of tastes and whoever starts can attract and find their special fans, of course, if they know the basics for the job.

If you can create adequate content, be somehow special, and have determination, you will get your goal, whether your aim is blogging or any other field, just rely on endurance and accuracy. 

You need to record videos in front of a camera. This is the only way to introduce yourself and your business. The only way that people start trusting in you and become your regulars.