Christel Barbie: Entrepreneurship Starts With Empathy

The one who takes most of the risk also takes most of the rewards to their home. Entrepreneurs are the biggest risk-takers. They embrace risks and uncertainty to provide value to the audience because they believe in themselves and their products or services. There is a reason why we celebrate entrepreneurs because they are always leading the change. As of now, entrepreneurship has become one of the most important aspects that a country needs to look after to improve its GDP and Canada is no exception. The government has been providing Start-Up Visas to people who wish to start up. But it is even more inspiring to see more women joining entrepreneurship and business.

Christel Barbie, who is the co-owner of Wraptors Inc and an epoxy artist is one of the most significant faces behind Wraptors Inc which is the biggest Car Wrap Boutique in Canada is an inspiration to many women who wish to come into this field. Entrepreneurship provides one with a rewarding career but it comes at its own cost. Christel has been in this field for more than 5 years and she says that she loves challenges and has been working on her business relentlessly because this is what she loves.

“If you do not love what you do, business and entrepreneurship is not for you. You need to be passionate and wake up every day with an achiever’s mindset and grind hard every day.” Said Christel Barbie.

Christel who is currently the content director at Wraptors Inc also does regular charity events and loves helping the community. She believes in giving and thinks that charity reinforces the sense of belongingness and humanity among everyone and is a great medium to be around goodness. She is also a mother of three beautiful children and her journey as a businesswoman is nothing less than inspiring. Follow her on Instagram here –