Changing the Way DJs View Music Services – BPM Supreme and Angel“AROCK” Castillo

After spending more than 20 years in the music industry, Angel“AROCK”Castillo found a main goal in the industry to help  DJs and producers in the music industry find the music they need.  Through a dedicated music subscription service, BPM Supreme, AROCK has created agreements with more than 100 record labels and is a leader in the DJ-ready content arena.

BPM Supreme

AROCK created BPM Supreme so DJs can easily and affordable find the music they need. In 2011, this online library for DJs and producers was born. With his love for technology and an eye for design, AROCK’s business would grow immensely over the next 10 years. In late 2019, opened their second office location in Hollywood, CA.

BPM Supreme Today

BPM Supreme shows no signs of slowing down, even during the tumultuous year of 2020 for the music industry. In a live interview on Instagramin April 2020, famous musician DJ Jazzy Jeff said that BPM Supreme is a great initiative and so helpful for the DJs. He also added that companies like BPM Supreme are so specialin these times, and they’re trying to push the DJs to continue to play no matter what the current circumstances.

According toAROCK, BPM Supreme is growing day by day and hasn’t experienced any setbacks.

“We continue to create new things and work with more dedication. Our team will have six or seven major projects at any given time,” AROCK said.

According to AROCK, one of the biggest reasons for their success is that they have the most extensive music catalogue for DJs. BPM Supreme also pushes technology in the DJ industry and is always aiming to innovate their product offering.

BPM Supreme has the best recognized and trusted DJs in the DJ community, so producers and other artists can trust that every song on the website is high quality and professionally edited.In short, AROCK knows what a DJ is looking for and has been successful in building a brand that embodies this objective.